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Golf Driving Tips: Easy Does It

To get the most powerful and accurate golf drives off the tee, an easy swing will deliver the goods. Many people try to swing ‘out of their shoes’ in an attempt to crush the ball. They lash at the ball and end up making many mistakes.

3 Golf Swing Drills to Stay on Plane

The golf swing is the hardest athletic move in sports and here are 3 drills to help you get on the right track to perfecting the golf swing. These 3 drills will ensure you are on the right plane at all times.

Golf Club Weighting

Every hit a club where you felt the whole club all the way through the swing? You know the one I am talking about, it’s where you felt like the weight of the club was helping you versus hindering you.

Golf Swing Basics – The Top 4 Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing

If you really want to improve your game, you should understand the Golf Swing basics. Most of the beginners make an attempt to imitate the style of most of the professionals. If you can actually understand the basics well, you can surely improve your chances for success in the game. If you understand the basics, you can effortlessly deliver powerful shots in the game. Apart from this, each and every player will have an individual swing style.

Breaking 80 in the Game of Golf

Breaking 80 is one of the hardest to learn in golf, but one need not get frustrated. There are ways to make this step easier. One of the main things to remember is to be confident and to maintain the enthusiasm for the game despite the many challenges that go along with it.

How to Hit Iron – Some Basics You Should Take Note Of

Golf is a game played first in the mind and then executed. By being able to visualize and empower the imagination you can be in sync with game and would be able to produce better shots as a result. This is no different from learning how to hit irons the right way.

Designer Golf Clothing

Golf apparel has undertaken a complete revamp in the last decade, gone are the days of plus fours, wooly jumpers and high socks. Golf is no longer seen as a sport for old retired men. Thanks mostly to the emergence of some exciting young (male and female) stars the sponsorship they receive from major world sports and designer brands. The last decade brought the emergence of a true golfing great backed by one of the world’s leading sports brands almost from the moment he hit the golfing scene.

Golf Practice Nets – 5 Ways They Can Increase Driving Distance and Benefit Your Overall Game

Golf practice nets can easily increase driving distance off the tee, lower golf scores and benefit your overall game. Here’s how…

5 Advantages to Ordering Golf Balls Online

As online shopping becomes a larger part of our lives, one area that all golfers should look at is the advantages to ordering golf balls online. It is an item that doesn’t have to be “tried on”, and with numerous product reviews ordering golf balls online can be almost foolproof in getting exactly what you want in a golf ball. I always order my golf balls online, as well as golf gloves and other accessories, and I have come up with five advantages.

Hit the Golf Ball Straight With Your Left Hand

The left hand (right hand, for left-handed golfers) is a mirror of your clubface. Where it is aligned, so is the clubface. Hitting the golf ball straight requires that you make correct use of your left hand.

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