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How Sports Science Works for Your Game

A good general understanding of the basic sport sciences… bio-mechanics, kinesiology, motor learning and sports psychology can help you develop your game without the typical setbacks most golfers experience. There’s a lot more your pro should know than how to hit the ball. Take a look at things your pro ought to know to be an effective teacher.

What An Artificial Putting Green Can Do For Your Golf Game

Any golfer will tell you that perfecting the putt makes a whole lot of difference in their golf game. However, not every golfer can make it to the practice green on a regular basis, which makes installing an artificial putting green a smart choice. These home putting greens can either be installed indoors or outdoors, and allow golfers to practice their putts anytime of the day.

The Short Game: Should You Use One Club Or Several?

If your ball lies in the fairway, 145 yards from the green, there is one club you would use, maybe two, depending on conditions. If your ball lies five yards from the green, depending on where it is, there might be five different clubs you could use to hit the shot. Or, you could stick to one, no matter what. Which short game strategy should you follow?

Golf Course Marketing

Unless you have been sleeping under a mossy rock for the last 5 years, the way business has been traditionally done across all industries – GOLF included has changed DRAMATICALLY. Golf courses across North America are struggling, revenue is down and even closures are happening. It may seem grim but it is more of an effect of ‘build it and they will come’ mentality vs. you better excel at enticing, educating, enduring customers.

Train Like A Martial Artist To Improve Your Golf Game

Golf fitness is one of the fastest growing segments of the golf industry, as golfers continue to try to find new ways to improve their game. This article presents an alternative to the conventional golf fitness programs currently available.

Finding Discount Golf Clubs Accessories

For practicing and using for early stage playing, the used or discount golf accessories are very good choice. You can easily find them in the internet or in magazines.

Easy Tips For Correcting a Golf Slice

A golf slice is specifically a left to right trajectory shape which is due to the tilt of spin-axis of the golf ball to the left or clockwise spin. A slice normally ends up to the right of the projected line, and this slice term is used especially when the curve in the trajectory is extreme and unintentional. Correcting a golf slice is quite easier but the first thing is to find out the cause of the slice.

How I Broke 80 at Age 68 for the First Time in My Golf Life

If you have played golf you know that it is not an easy game. It is even more difficult if you are not a good athlete. After struggling most of my life with a 20 something handicap, I found two irrefutable aspects of the golf swing. And by developing the muscle memory to incorporate these two aspects into my swing, I shot a 78 at age 68. Here is how I did it. Golf is now fun and not frustrating.

Golf GPS – A Great Tool To Help Manage Your Game

Guessing on the golf course can lead to big problems & high scores. Taking the guesswork out with the help of a golf gps device can help you manage your game. Don’t rely on your eyes…get help.

This Golfing Season Take A Lesson

Golf the sport of kings has been a most enjoyable sports as well as social and even business socializing past time. Hence if you are going to be a duffer take your golf game seriously. The worst thing to do in sports is to acquire and retain bad habits. Take the time and effort to obtain professional golf instruction lessons. In the end it can be said that golf is a most difficult game without handicapping yourself further. This golf season – take a lesson.

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