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A Guide to Dressing Well in Golf Apparel

When golfing, it’s just as important to dress well as it is to play well. Wearing golf apparel that doesn’t fit well or is too long or short will make a poor impression on your fellow players.

Legends Series – Gary Player

Gary Player, born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1935, is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport. Player, along with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, was considered one of the “big three” of his era. From the early 1950’s through the 1970’s, golf enjoyed tremendous growth in popularity and viewership worldwide, largely thanks to the efforts and performances by these three men.

An Effective Golf Fitness Program

Today, there is a lot of talk about fitness. To ensure a successful game while golfing, fitness is paramount. There are several important elements that determine the effectiveness of a fitness program.

Making the Golf Events Memorable

The photographer for golf tournaments has specialized in golf course photography so that he can commemorate the various golf events in the most professional way. Normally, these professional photographers take the photos of the teams just before commencement of the play and subsequently they click a few shots when the game is in progress. On the final day of the event, they offer golf tournament tee gifts to all the players who have participated in the event.

Hilton Head – One of the Great Golf Areas

Hilton Head at the very southern tip of South Carolina is a golf haven for anyone wanting to experience a number of quality golf courses (over 20 quality public courses) in an area of close proximity. The crown jewel of the golf courses is Harbor Town Golf Links in Sea Pines Resort where the Heritage Golf Classic, part of the PGA Tour is held. The general public is allowed to play on this highly rated course, and depending on the season green fees will be between $145 and $250.

Used Golf Carts Can Make Your Employees More Productive

Reduce the amount of time it takes for your workers to get around your facilities by investing in several used golf carts. This will make everyone happy and increase their productivity.

Staying Fit With Golf As Your Sport

If you have fitness goals like burning calories or getting a good exercise for your arms and legs but don’t want something very physically demanding, golf is definitely the sport for you. It’s a sport that can help you stay fit without the high risk of getting injured.

5 Super-Cool Gadgets Every Golfer Should Have

Golf is an amazing game, but definitely not an easy one. Every golfer was a newbie at one point. If you have experience on your side then great; if not, then you need some preparation before getting into the game of golf. Before launching head-first into a two-hour long tutorial on how to improve your spin or think like a pro, take a look at these amazing gadgets that will give you a head start in the game.

The Most Important Mind Control Technique That You Must Use Before EVERY Golf Shot

Imagine a simple exercise. Roll up a piece of used paper and throw it into a waste basket 10 ft away. What would be your desired outcome for this task? Paper ball in basket. What’s your target? The basket. Easy isn’t it. It’s a basket and a target. It provides your focus for attention. Your target and desired outcome in this example happen to be in the same physical location. Does the target create any anxiety? No. Would it create any anxiety if it were 20ft away. 50ft. Of course not. It’s just a TARGET. Sometimes you will hit it, sometimes you won’t but it always provides a focus for your actions.

Unleash Your Mental Game: The Three Core Beliefs

How long have you played the game? One year, five years, ten years or more? Are you constantly improving or have you hit the wall? No matter how much you practice or how many lessons you take, your just can’t seem to improve. This article is part one of a six part series designed to help you conquer the mental barriers that are holding you back.

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