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How You Can Quickly Cure a Golf Slice

Let’s get straight down to business so you can fix your golf slice quickly and effectively. The first thing you need to do is understand the contributing factors. Somewhere within you swing, grip and posture you’re cutting across the ball.

How to Quickly Cure a Slice

If you having playing golf for any length of time then you know how frustrating a slice can be. When you have slice demands in your game not only do you lose distance but you also lose accuracy. This can really have a major impact on your scores so the first thing you need to do is address and understand the problem.

Do You Have What it Takes to Really Improve Your Golf Game?

The success of your golf game depends on your determination to overcome the challenges that you encounter as you play. Golf is very similar to life; your success in life is related to how you deal with challenges. Your attitude towards the game is really important.

How to Simply Cure a Golf Slice

In this article I am going to cover quickly what ways you can cure your golf slice. When you have a slice in your golf shot it can really take some distance of your drives and iron shots. One factor that can affect your ball flight is your grip.

How to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

When you think about golf you need to understand that a number of components need to be correctly in place so as to play better. Your determination to get those components right will be directly related to how you perform on the golf course. Such components include the grip, balance, posture and swing.

Do You Want to Break 80?

In 2008 I was averaging in around 92 shots a round, then I decided I wanted to get into the eighty’s. As soon as I made that decision I know I had my work cut out. What I started to do was track my game.

Do You Really Want to Be a Good Golfer – Do You Know What it Takes?

Is it fair to say that if you are really interested in the game of golf then you will always want to be improving? In effect there is no such thing as saying. “I know everything there is to know.” I mean you could ask Tiger Woods this question and I imagine he would say that you always have to be learning and improving…

Do You Want to Play Better Golf – Simple Effective Tips to Improve Your Game?

When it comes to the game of golf one thing you need to know is this, it’s what you do every day that matters. In other words consistency is the true ingredient to consistent results. However you need to know what is going on in your game.

What Makes Target Putting Work So Well?

Why would anyone buy a book and learn Target Putting as opposed to paying a golf coach and learning to put like the professionals? Does it improve your game and cut strokes off of your game?

Improve Your Golf Shots Out of a Sand Trap in 5 Minutes!

Sand traps are placed all over a golf course and every golfer (if you have been golfing for very long at all) has been a victim of a strategically placed sand trap. The problem that most golfers have is that they either try to hit the ball like they would if they were on the grass or they try to mimic what they see on television from the professional golfers. Neither of these will produce good results when trying to play out of a sand trap!

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