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How To Get The Tee Off Golf Drive Perfect At All Times? Here Are Some Tips

Many persons often realize to their horror that golf can be a very embarrassing game only after they reach the golf course. They prepare for the first shot of the day-also known as the tee. The tee happens to be that spot which separates the men from the boys.

Do Not Embarrass Yourself On The Golf Course – Read Ahead For Some Simple Rules And Tips

How would you feel somebody swears loudly in front of your wife and kids? How would you feel if this were to happen in a golf course where you were trying to impress them with your game? Do you want your child to be exposed to so many abuses at such a tender age?

Balance And A Steady Head – Very Important When Striking The Golf Ball

Do you know that good ballet dancers will automatically make good golfers? Well, this may be an oversimplification but there is no doubt that a person who is good at ballet will never face the problem of balance when playing golf. Why is balance important?

Golf Chipping Tips To Drop Your Handicap

Work on improving your short game and watch your handicap tumble. If you can get your chipping right and get close to the pin you can eliminate those dreaded long putts and make putting so much easier.

Try To Become Fit Before You Start Playing Golf To Avoid Injuries

At first glance, golf may seem a lot less strenuous and physically tiring as compared to other sports. However, while you may not be required to run at top speed or use your arms and legs for lot of effort, do not make the mistake of thinking that golf is a game for those who are not physically fit. Physical fitness and strength is very important to excel in golf.

A Time To Practice And A Time To Play – Get This Golf Etiquette Rule Right

Golf courses provide practice ranges for a specific function or purpose. The function is to help people practice their game. However, it is surprising that people ignore this small rule and try to practice on the golf course itself.

How To Hit a Fade

The fade is one of the most useful shots in golf. It starts out slightly to the left of the target and curves gently back to the right, sitting down nicely where it lands. If you are able to hit the ball straight with reasonable frequency, a fade is an easy shot to acquire.

The Ultimate Golf Error – The Brain

There are thousands of “golf experts”, including me who write articles or who have website who never made it as a golfer but try to advise everyone who struggles with their game – fact. We can help you all, with technique but the thought process and brain are harder golf errors to address.

Golf Swing Drills – Improve Your Performance

The author shows how to improve your swing which helps you to put better performance in golf matches and tournaments. He suggests simple golf swing drills for you in an easy-to-understand language.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing With These 7 Top Golf Downswing Tips

Arguably the most important part of the golf swing is learning a sound downswing. The downswing is often misunderstood because of the lack of knowledge in analysing the role it plays in the overall swing. When it’s broken down it is really quite simple to follow and implement just by knowing a few basics to get it started right.

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