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Special Problems in Putting – Putting From the Fringe

Putting from the fringe is very similar to putting from the green, the more complicated you make it, the more likely you are to miss the shot. Don’t over hit, and do make sure to make solid contact, and you should be fine.

Special Problems in Putting – How to Lag

ESPN is full of highlights of pro golfers sinking 30-foot putts or more. And this is great, as far as it goes. But the scenario you never see on SportsCenter is when the golfer tries to sink his long putt, and actually winds up three putting because he left his second putt 15 feet past the hole. Don’t get too greedy, and stay smart when you are planning and lining up this putt.

Golf Practice Equipment That Worked For Me

After experimenting with many different types of golf practice equipment I have finally found success and have began taking strokes off my game. By using a combination of a good golf practice nets, Hinged golf clubs, a divot simulator and a putting arc trainer.

Special Problems in Putting – Short Putts

For some reason, short putts are very difficult for many people to master. Your average golfer would rather have a 10 foot putt than a six foot putt. Why is this? Well, some short putts are so short that it leads to carelessness and a casual stroke. You step up to the ball, and don’t aim as well as you should, don’t take as smooth of a stroke as you should, and you probably don’t take the time to make sure that your stance is correct, either.

Golf Swing Tips to Stay Out of the Trees

Anyone who has ever held a golf club in their hands, knows it can be a frustrating game. Putting is probably the most agonizing part of the game, but swinging long can take a mental toll also. Trying to hit a little white ball off a small wooden peg can drive the calmest person to the edge of insanity.

Left Handed Golf Club – How to Buy It?

Being born left handed can be thought of two ways; either a disguised blessing or a curse. You have to cope with things like special school desks and chairs to having to use a set of left handed golf clubs. Sometimes it is such a bother to be a lefty! However, it seems like there are more and more people being born left handed. Take a look in the sports arena…

Left Handed Golf Clubs

When it comes to playing golf, those who are left-handed may seem to be at a disadvantage. But, this does not have to be the case. Golf is a sport that can be played by anybody, regardless of whether you are right or left hand dominant. Playing left-handed is a bit different, but it’s not impossible to do.

Golf Ball Dimples – Why Are They There?

Why are there golf ball dimples? The answer will be discussed in this article as well as how to choose the best golf balls for your unique needs. The problem with a lot of golfers is they tend to make the wrong choices when choosing a golf ball because they are so intent on purchasing the hottest or the newest balls without pausing to think if what they are about to buy is suitable for them.

Golf Ball Dimples – How They Came to Be

The dynamics behind the flight of the golf ball gives us an amazing view of the inner workings of turbulence, air pressure and aerodynamics. Let us discuss the evolution of the ball used in golf.

Golf Ball Dimples – Why Are They Necessary

When someone says golf balls, you immediately picture a small and white ball with many indented marks on them. This feature is exclusive to golf balls and these sunken areas actually help a golf player control his or her ball in flight. We can rightly say that these indented marks offer better control to the player. These marks or indentations are also known as golf ball dimples.

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