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How to Cure Slice

The slice shot remains a cause of concern for a lots of golfers. Most of the golfers are looking for tips on how to cure slice. So here is my article to help those golfers who are looking for the solution of golf slice.

3 Tips to Set Golf Goals For Yourself

We all play the game for many different reasons. Admittedly, mine change from time to time. I believe that all of our goals do as we move through different parts of the year and stages of our life.

Putting Tips – Take the Fear Out of Putting

Many players struggle with their putter from short distance and are always looking for new putting tips. Most have trouble with putts from this distance due to a lack of putting tips on what the putter should be doing. In the long run, a lack of proper information, leads to a loss of confidence and more missed putts.

What to Write in Your Golf Journal

Use a golf journal to quickly improve your golf game. Here is how to do it!

Short Game – Mechanics, Philosophy and Strategy – Why?

The determining factor in whether you break 100, 90, 80, or 70, based on your skill level, is in the short game. If you want immediate improvement in your score, learn the Mechanics, Philosophy and Strategy of the short game.

Stretch Your Hamstrings For A Pain-Free Golf Swing

Tight hamstrings, the muscles in the back of the upper thigh, play a key role in lower back discomfort and pain, and can take away from the efficiency of your golf swing. Find out how you can check for hamstring tightness and what to do if they are tight.

Improving Distance and Consistency

Improving golf distance is easy if you go about it systematically. That is not to say you will hit it as far as Tiger Woods, but you can certainly improve your own capability and optimize your swing.

Stop Slicing the Golf Ball – What Causes a Slice and How to Stop It

Are you struggling with the most common problem faced by golfers? Of course I am talking about the dreaded slice. You know where you seem to make good contact but shortly after your ball takes flight it turns violently to the right (if you are right handed). Well here I am going to give you three tips to help you stop slicing the golf ball once and for all!

Golf Tips – How to Read Greens Like Tiger Woods (Almost!)

Putting is difficult to many people for a variety of reasons, and many times it is due to the inability to properly read putts. Once you learn how to read greens properly then your game will get so much better that you will not be able to believe the scores that you are shooting. Here are three tips to help you master the greens and start reading and sinking putts like Tiger!

The Expenses Involved in Playing Golf

Golf is generally known as a gentleman’s sport. First of all, playing golf means you have to find a golf club where you can play, and this is not as easy as it sounds. Majority of golf clubs, even ladies golf clubs, will require you to become a member before you can even set foot on the country club premises, let alone the golfing greens.

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