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Golf Swing Lesson

One of the most important golf swing tips that initiates a golf career is a golf swing lesson. However, most people tend to assume this as they perceive the game to be easy. Well, in actual facts the game is technical and requires rigorous training to perfect it.

Slow Motion Golf Swing

Among the best golf swing tips that greatly improve your golf game is implementing the slow motion golf swing. The slow motion golf swing enables the golfer to take note of the golf swing movements.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Golf is one of the most prestigious sports in the world. It is an outdoor game played on a mowed lawn consisting of about 9 to 18 holes. Golf players are supposed to shoot the golf ball into the holes using the least amount of hits.

Golf Swing Mechanics

Golf is among the most prestigious sports that people desire to engage in. However, due to its technicality which demands rigorous training for first time players this sport seems complicated.

Golf Swing Drills

Golf is a technical game that requires consistent training for beginners to grasp their games. There are various golf swing tips which can be implemented into the game to improve the golf swing drills.

Golf Swing Basics

Golf is a technical sport which can be thoroughly enjoyed if one takes the time to learn and perfect their golf swing basics. With the right golf swing one can marvel at the distance he hits the ball.

Golf Swing Aids

Golf swing aids are training guidelines that comprise golf instruction tools that enable golf players to acquire golf swing tips that will help them perfect their game. A golf swing is the most important step in playing golf as it depicts the direction, speed and impact to be emanated on the golf ball.

Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid or utility clubs are a mixture of wood and iron. By combining these two elements, they are easier to use and can help the golfer get out of tricky situations with less effort. These qualities make them an ideal choice for both golf pros and beginners.

Mental Golf – The Impact of Distractions on Golfers

Awareness and proper handling of distractions is critical to success in playing golf especially in tournament conditions. This article uses examples from the recent Presidents Cup to show how distractions can have a negative impact even on the best golfers and what the average golfer can learn to minimize the impacts of distractions in their game.

Golf Equipment Rule Changes – How Will They Affect the Pros?

The United States Golf Association will be implementing a new rule regarding equipment that goes into effect next year. This rule will require the professional golfers to once again place a premium on hitting the fairways instead of just bombing their drives as far as they can.

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