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Your Golf Grip May Not Be Your Only Problem

Most people struggle with hitting a golf ball consistently straight. Now the best and most important place to start is with a proper neutral grip. However even when this is mastered people still have problems hitting the ball consistently straight. So what’s the problem?

The Physics of a Golf Swing – Understanding Your Body

When you see people playing golf, most of the time, you are anticipating the distance and the range in which the golf club is hit. You might even focus only if the ball hit the sand trap or even over the pond just as like the things we see on movies. Those are really hilarious but the thing is that is not golf. Let us go backwards and analyze all the physics of a golf swing and the events that happened before that moment.

Golf GPS Units – Knowing How Far Really is Good For Your Game

More than anything else, golf is a game of accuracy. Granted, hitting huge drives might be the goal for the blasters out there, but accuracy is where low scores come in. Knowing how far you need to go to find the green is key and if you don’t have a tour caddy to give you accurate yardages, golf GPS units are the next best bet. Knowing how far you need to go is key to shooting low scores.

A Guide to Golf Accessories

If you want to take golf up as a hobby it is essential to purchase the best golf accessories. Here is a beginner’s guide to golf clubs for those who are new to the sport.

Fitness For Golf

If you play golf you may think that just playing is enough to keep yourself in trim but it may well be more useful than you think to design and follow a golf specific fitness and training regime. While golf may seem at times to be a rather sedate activity, if it is played seriously it involves the whole of the body in swinging the club, not just the arms and shoulders.

Select the Right Chipping Club – Take the Guesswork Out of Chipping

Below are some general guidelines for picking the right chipping club as you go through your round of golf. Combine these guidelines with a little bit of imagination. Good chippers are usually very creative.

Could a Personalized Golf Ball Marker Be Something For You Or Your Friend?

For all those individuals that usually do not play golf and who hardly understand what a golf ball marker is, there is information out there that will demonstrate to them that this is something utilized to mark or tag a golf ball’s location since the ball will lie upon a putting green. It is very affordable and an excellent gift…

Golf Swing Drills to Perfection – Try This One Out

Golf is not simply a game where you will try to shoot a small ball to a small hole using a stick. It is a highly technical game that needs precision, timing, and balance. That is why the way you swing your club highly affects the success of your game. Developing your swinging will therefore improve your golfing skills. For that, practicing golf swing drills will help you achieve at least the nearness of perfection.

Golf Swing Speed Consistency is the Key

Golf Swing Speed Consistency is the key to playing well and one of hardest parts of the game of golf. It’s impossible for anyone, including Tiger Woods or any other professional golfer, to swing with the same golf swing speed every time. What good golfers do is develop a golf swing speed that is consistent even though it may not be exactly the same every time. This allows them to create a repeatable swing to hit the golf ball well most of the time, and nearly perfect quite often.

How to Cure the Golf Yips

You’re about to be freed from the uncomfortable feelings of knowing you’re not going to hole the putt, but somehow feel helpless in being able to remedy those feelings before taking the putter back. You can and will restore confidence in your putting.

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