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Simple Golf Swing Advice – Increase Your Driving Distance

As golfers we look for ways to get more distance out of our drives. With the changes in technology we are now able to get more distance than ever before. With that being said, we are still trying to get another 5 or 10 yards out of our drives.

Golf Stance Tips – Learn How to Fix a Slice With Your Stance

With proper practice and the right information, you can perfect your stance for a swing that will be smooth and have your ball flying straight toward the intended target. The golf stance tips below will help you achieve your goal of a great stance and improved golf score.

Break Free of The Fear of Losing Using Golf Psychology

I get a lot of emails from players whose entire golf psychology revolves around trying to avoid losing. Their biggest fear is that if they don’t score well, they will like themselves less. They worry that their score will affect how others see them.

What Are the Different Types of Golf Shots?

Though it sometimes seems that there are dozens of different golf shots that a golfer must learn to be a “good golfer” (e.g., consistently shoot in the 70’s or 80’s), there really are only a critical few golf shots that matter outside of the putting game.

Simple Golf Hook Drills

There’s no doubt about it, if you have a golf hook in your swing, it should be fixed ASAP or your game will never improve. You should count your blessings though, if you were a chronic slicer, you’d have to work harder at straightening out your ball flight. There is a mental block in a golf hook, but mostly its a physical repair that needs to be made.

The Secrets to Break 80

Experts in golf game find the number 80 in break 80 to be a mysterious number. Behind it is a magic that needs to be deciphered, but knowing the techniques on how to break 80 made them to be an expert in the field of golf gaming. When you get a chance to see and ask the golf experts what they do about break 80, sure enough the answers vary since they have unique styles.

The Amazing Golf Mind and Why the Mental Side of Golf Is So Important!

You have probably heard that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical and it is very true. You could be in perfect shape and have a great swing, but if you do not have any mental toughness, then you will not play very good golf. The mental side of your golf game most likely needs improvement and is what holds you back. However, The Amazing Golf Mind can certainly help you gain the mental edge you need.

Golf Gambling Games: Wolf

Let’s not kid ourselves. Golf is a little more interesting when there is a little hard earned money on the line. One of the most popular golf gambling games to play is a game called “Wolf.” First, a rotation must be set before teeing off.

What Every Golfer Needs In Their Discount Golf Shoes

If you take a glimpse in today’s sporting world, the one thing that you could visibly notice is the shoes. Almost all sport requires specific footwear that could boost an athlete’s performance. In golf the importance of a great shoe in very evident, second only to the clubs when it comes to necessity. Other golfers don’t want to spend large amount money just for a shoe, even if they know the benefits of it, and that’s were the discount golf shoes comes in. Giving players the chance to own a decent golf shoes that could very well improve their swings.

Info About Golf Dress Code, Etiquette, And Geox Shoes

Who in their right mind would want to spend four hours bashing a tiny ball around the miles of countryside – – and call it fun? Mark Twain famously suggested that golf was “a good walk spoiled” and, unless you have actually tried it yourself, you’d be forgiven for agreeing with him.

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