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How Much Should a Golf Driver Cost?

How much you spend on a golf driver for your set of golf clubs really depends on what you are looking for. If you are an amateur, or if you are buying the driver for a family member (such as a son or daughter) who you suspect may tire of the sport soon, you probably do not want to spend a lot of money on a fancy driver until you know it will really be used enough to be worth it. On the other end, if you play regularly and find yourself learning and appreciating the difference between a poor club and a quality one, it may be time to upgrade to a mid-range or upper-range driver.

More Golf Tips to Improve Your Swing

Having a great instructor and skill may not be enough to achieve success in golf tournaments. Apart from those, you need the right equipment and body positioning if you want to deliver effective results. So here are more golf tips to improve your swing.

Stop Slicing – Golfing Tips To Make You A Winner

The dawning of realisation as a young golfer becomes a winner. Stop slicing his drives to better challenge the course and any person on it.

Learn to Trust Your Golf Swing and Play Better, More Consistent Golf Shots

You will always perform better in trust mode and by allowing yourself to swing without thought other than focussing on the back of the ball and thinking only of your target. Your unconscious mind is the master of large, complex muscle moves requiring good co-ordination. Remember when you were trying to learn to tie your shoe laces using your conscious analytical mind and how frustrating and complex it was. Now you do it without thinking.

Types of Golf Balls

It’s amazing how many golf ball manufacturers are out there. They have been a booming business, and giants like Callaway, Nike and Titleist are working hard on developing the perfect ball for your golf dollar. But what make a golf ball different from another?

Take the Lead in the Game of Golf With Top Flite Golf Clubs at Your Service

There are many sports which test the physical fitness and endurance of its players. Golfing may not seem to be a game that offers physical exercise.

How to Target in Golf For Better Shot Making and More Consistent Results – Part 1 of 2

Golf is a game of getting a ball from the tee into the hole on the green at the other end. The winner is determined by the person who does so in the least number of shots. This is best done by: Precise Aim of mind and body at your target, Fire the swing naturally, Move to your ball and repeat the process.

Learn to Trust Your Unconscious Mind to Produce Your Best Performances

The time to put your conscious analytical mind to work is on the practice ground not on the golf course. In practice you can work with your coach on swing mechanics which you may need to change in order to simplify your swing and get more consistency. If you use your analytical mind on the golf course and try to force a good swing out of yourself things are going to go pear shaped rather quickly and you may end up throwing your score card in the nearest trash can in disgust.

Learn to Play Confident Golf – Stay in the Present and Swing Away

When you free yourself to play unrestricted, unworried golf you free yourself of many poor shots caused primarily through thinking incorrectly which translates into tension and bad swings. We also call this “Getting out of your own way” and it is the only way to achieve your best on a consistent basis.

Secrets of Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing Success

Have you ever wondered why Tiger Woods is so good in his game? How can he be consistent every time he plays? What are the critical things he do that others fail to do that make him a celebrity and star in the golfing arena?

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