Why fall is the best time to visit Montauk Downs, a beloved Long Island muni

How To Drive A Golf Ball – 3 Useful Golf Swing Tips

How to drive a golf ball straight down the fairway is something both the beginner and experienced golfer constantly aims to improve. It’s such a great feeling to hit the ball sweetly and see the shot soar straight towards the target you’re aiming at. Then, of course, there are the benefits of less searching through the rough, sand or even the water, you’ll lose fewer golf balls and, there’s the great feeling you get when your ball lies in position A on the fairway or green.

Golf Swing Tips to Break 90

Are you one of the thousands of bogey golfers who are wondering why golf is such a difficult game? I know I was, and then it struck me.

Best Free Golf Tip to Break 90

You’ve been playing this game for a while now but you just can’t seem to break 90. In this article you are going to find the single best golf tip that will change your game and almost guarantee you’ll be playing at least bogey golf.

Want to Be Able to Hit Your Driver Further? 2 Simple Secrets That Give You Much More Distance!

How to hit longer drives is something people like us want to know! If you want to hit your driver further, almost instantly, learn these 2 Simple Secrets that your golfing buddies won’t want you to know!

Golf Fitness – The Yearly Training Plan

The yearly plan or annual plan is the training structure for an entire year. In order to be a competitive golfer, you have to be willing to work all year round. Gone are the days of a true “Off”-Season. Using to the principle of periodization, we break the year up into specific training periods and each period has its own specific goal. The annual plan begins at the completion of the season.

Shape Up If You Want to Avoid Golf Injuries

Injuries are very common with any type of sport. You can often avoid getting injured in a particular sport, however, by finding out what injury is most likely to occur, and then taking precautions to avoid it. Naturally, there’s no guarantee that, even then, you won’t get injured. That’s why it is beneficial for you to be in good physical shape.

Golf Slice Correction – What Causes a Slice and How to Fix it in 3 Easy Steps

The golf slice is something that millions of golfers worldwide suffer with day in and day out. Therefore, in this article I am going to talk about golf slice correction, that is how to fix your golf slice, have more fun, and shoot lower scores. Here are 3 tips that you can take to the range or the course, and I promise that your golf swing will improve, and you will play much better golf.

Understanding the Golf Swing – 3 Tips to Make Theory a Reality and Shoot Lower Scores

Understanding the golf swing is essential to playing better golf. Whether you have been playing golf a long time, or just started playing understanding the golf swing is going to make the game much easier and more enjoyable to you. The reason most people have trouble with the golf swing and the methods behind it is because the focus too much attention on incorrect information. To truly make sense of the golf swing, you need to simplify it, and I am going to do that in 3 easy steps.

Clone Golf Clubs Aren’t Knockoffs

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether or not those unbranded clone golf clubs are illegal? They aren’t. Clone clubs are actually very legal and are made by legitimate American-based companies.

No More Golf Slices – The Drill to Cure It

The dreaded golf slice – I have found that the most important way of improving your golf game is to practice and practice, but you need to know how to practice correctly. I have seen many golfers hitting balls on the driving range one after another, not really learning anything, and in some cases reinforcing their faults.

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