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Hit Solid Iron Shots – This is What I Did to Learn How!

One of the most common problems in golf is the inability to hit solid iron shots. Many golfers have a hard time with this, and yet it if you can learn how to do it correctly, you will drastically improve your golf game. In this article I want to share with you 3 tips that helped me learn the art of hitting solid iron shots every time.

Natural Golf Swing – Understand the Fundamentals Regarding Natural Swing

Playing the game of golf can be interesting or frustrating depending on so many factors i.e. achieving the natural golf swing. It is not just about taking the golf club and hitting the ball; you need to calculate the distance the ball has to fly over the water points and most importantly, the hole. The aim of the player is to make a century and it is only through clinical and calculated deliveries that you can be able to achieve the fit.

The Spirit of Golf at Purepoint Golf

Everyone needs advice on golf and if it is not advice, then a valuable resource center will do even better. Purepoint golf is one such resource center where all the tested and tried golf instructions, tips and experiences are well kept for the benefits of the would-be golf stars and the already-are golf stars. Consider that most of the golfers who want so badly to improve their games need an assurance that the lessons they will be getting will be the best and the most workable.

Using a Golf Swing Trainer to Improve Golf Swing Consistency

Anyone who enjoys playing golf will always want to improve their swing. One of the many ways to accomplish this is with the use of a golf swing trainer. This piece of golf equipment is geared at improving a golfer’s swing consistency for the purpose of developing a better golf game.

Mizuno Golf Clubs – Getting Your Score Better

Most golfers will often tell you after their round that they left at least three shots out there on the course. However most think that it is their own playing that is the problem but have you ever stopped to consider that it maybe your clubs and not you? Mizuno golf clubs maybe just what you need to shave those added strokes off your round.

Online Golf Lessons Can Save You Money

Now there are pluses and minuses to online golf lessons. First off, they can be a great source of information. You can use online golf lessons to learn about things like stance, form, technique, and other helpful tips that will improve your swing. But gathering information is not the only thing required to improve your game.

The TaylorMade R9 460 – From an Average Golfer’s Perspective

Most golfers would consider themselves average, but read reviews and opinions on golf clubs that are written by experts. This can lead to frustration and unrealistic expectations of performance with regard to the equipment. This look at the new TaylorMade R9 460 is written by an average golfer.

Choosing the Right Golf Club – A Guide to Choose the Best Brand Golf Club For Beginners

Today there many companies that about preach about offering the best golfing services. As a Beginner, I believe you’ve probably have a hard time trying to make a consistent contact with the ball. Sometimes hitting it, with the heel and toe of the club, at first you be faced with difficulties while topping the ball or hitting the ground first.

A Really Ugly Looking Golf Ball Retriever

Putting can be a real pain in the… back. All that bending over to get your ball out of the hole after three or four-putting is enough to make baby boomer and senior golfers cry.

Golf Fitness Training Becomes An Integral Part of Your Golf Training Success

For over a decade, the Titleist Performance Institute studied the best ball strikers on the planet and the impact of their body on the golf swing. Their research and findings culminated in a screening, education and workout program specifically for you… the golfer.

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