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3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Golf Score

Lowering your golf score is as easy as following these 3 simple steps. Before you invest in a pro, try these tips to lower your golf score.

Colored Golf Balls

In the past, golf balls were made of wood and the game itself was short range and was played based on links. Golf balls have evolved a lot since the inception of the game since three centuries. The golf ball technology is playing an important role in today’s golf and today’s golfers’.

Is Your Golf Diet Holding You Back?

A very simple and easy way to spark up your golf game is by changing the foods you eat before, during and after your rounds of golf. Being on a proper golf diet can increase your energy and endurance making those 18 holes seem like a walk in the park. Every golfer should know that having the best nutrition for golf you can is taking a major step in the right direction to lowering his or her handicap.

Custom Golf Club Fitting – What to Expect

If you hit the greens more than a few times a year, you may have found that the perfect set of clubs aren’t hanging on the wall of your local pro shop. If you are serious about improving your game or taking that game to the next level, it might benefit you to consider being custom fit with some golf clubs.

A Golf Fitness Program Enhances Your Game & Your Life

Every golfer in the world is looking for an easy way to increase their drives and lower their handicap. Being able to repeat your golf swing is the key to doing both of those. By having a golf fitness program you can add strength, increase flexibility and of course improve your game.

Complete Golf Sets – For Beginners and Professionals

It can be exciting to learn golf lessons especially when have great interest to learn this beautiful game. However, you have to make sure that the golf lessons that you take must be from a good coach so that you will be able to gain good knowledge of the game.

Senior Golf, A Way To Stay Fit

For seniors starting their retirement years and wanting a good game of golf, they might benefit by looking for golf courses that are senior friendly. If you are a golfer and happen to be a senior, you might want to experience courses the way they are instead of having improvements. Not all courses are designed the same and there are reasons for this, the top one being different playing fields allows the senior golfer to practice different techniques.

To Golf Or Not to Golf – That is the Question

An old Scotsman once said to me “golf is not a sport its a disease”. A terrible affliction that keeps good men and women from what they should be doing and gets them running round after a wee ball.

Shorten Your Golf Swing For Better Results

Yes, it’s not as impressive looking as a full swing but it can be very effective, specially in the wind and on a links course, with the lower ball flight. In some cases as the years roll by we have no choice but to shorten our golf swing, but all is not lost as it is still possible to shoot a good score.

Golf Game Winterization

For those that live in the north and east, keeping your golf game in top condition is a major thing. Here are a few simple little things that will allow you have your self ready at all times. The time involved is minor, yet has yielded tremendous results for many.

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