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What is More Important in Golf – Power Or Accuracy?

During the past few decades in golf, we have witnessed and experienced a tremendous change in golf balls, clubs, grips, gloves and golf courses. All of the manufacturers claim to increase the golfers ability, while lowering scores. The thing we players talk about, though, is how far they hit the ball…or how we made it to the green in two…and it only took a driver and a seven iron to get there. Power. Distance.

Practice Positivity on the Range

Try to get to the local driving range once or twice a week between lessons and test out your swing by hitting some balls. DON’T just smash them off the tee. Think about the tempo of your swing and aim your shots at a target. Use different clubs – from the driver through to the sand or pitching wedge.

F2 Plus Series Wedges

The F2 Plus Series Wedge is a revolutionary breakthrough in wedge design. These unique clubs were designed by Face Forward (F2) golf technology and their design allows the club to do all the work for you. It doesn’t matter what your skill level, all you have to do is swing it and the club will take care of the rest.

Golf Slice Types

The slice shot is the most difficult shot to control. This shot has robbed off nights of many golfers. But the first thing to cure this shot is to have the knowledge of golf slice types. If you know the type of slice you make then this slice problem can be easily eliminated out of your game very easily.

Maximize Your Golf Dollar!

Want to maximize your golf dollar? The Frugal Golfer shows you how! Then you can afford to do what we golfers all want – PLAY MORE GOLF!

Tiger Woods’ Knee Injury and His Return to the Game

Tiger Woods, as we commonly know Eldrick Tont Woods as, is undisputedly America’s best golfer and has proven himself as the world’s best at several dozens of occasions. Tiger Woods has hundreds of golf championship victories credited to him which include fourteen professional major golf championships and sixty five PGA tour events. Woods’ total number of professional major golf championships is second highest in the history of golf while the number of PGA events stand at all time third highest. In fact, Tiger Woods is the most successful golf player that the history has ever seen.

Support Your School With a Collegiate Golf Bag

How can you support your college on the next level? Whether you go to the school, are an alumni, or just love a particular team, using a collegiate golf bag is a great way to show your team spirit. No matter what your favorite sport is, there are many different schools to choose from, no major sports fan is left out in the cold.

How to Use a Golf DVD to Improve Your Golf Game

Why is it we are so excited when we walk out of the store with our new golf instruction DVD and within a few weeks it is collecting dust with all of the other DVDs that we loved when we bought them? Here is how to change that.

Snack Bar Equipment to Improve Your Facility

It seems like every country club, golf course or driving range snack bar or has a difficult time with making the proper profit margin for their facility. Obtaining the profit margin that you are seeking obviously has many facets however, it all begins with having the correct snack bar equipment or concession equipment put in place to make your staff a facility as efficient as they can be at all times. Below, you will find concession equipment and snack bar equipment that will allow you to hit your profit margin goals:

Chip Shots – How to Improve Your Chipping With These 3 Tips

One of the most common questions I get related to the short game is how do I improve my chipping? This is a common problem that many golfers have, and yet it is a problem that with a little practice you can cure! While most of us will never be able to hit the ball like Tiger Woods because we simply do not have the physical abilities, their really is no reason that you cannot have a very good short game that is tour quality.

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