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The Golf Swing Instruction Will Help You in Hitting the Ball Right

If you want to play a sport that is relaxing and played in wide open grass lawns with trees and ponds around, then golf is just the right game for you. The objective of the game is to hit balls using golf clubs to make them fall into pits, called as holes, in far off distances. The whole game has certain number of holes to be played from certain start points. The player who makes the least attempts in completing the course wins.

New Jersey Golf Course Reviews – How to Find the Best Golf Club in New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot of great golf courses around the state such as The Architects and Berkshire Valley, it also has a bunch of not so great public courses such as Hendricks Golf Course and The Meadows Golf Club. If you have ever playing public golf in New Jersey you know that the courses are usually somewhat expensive to play so I would recommend researching New Jersey public golf courses online before booking your tee time.

How to Stop a Slice – The No 1 Tip

Are you struggling with your golf? Do you want to get rid of that nasty slice? Check out this No. 1 tip to stop a slice. You will enjoy your golf once again when you practice this great drill and add it to your game.

Tips For Beginner Golfers

Golf may look easy at first glance, but it isn’t. There are a lot of different rules that are involved in the game. This can be quite overwhelming for beginners who are having a challenge getting their swing down.

The Mental Game – Essential Ingredients in Golf

We have all witnessed melt downs by professional golfers causing them to lose a tournament they were so close to winning. Your heart has to go out to them for coming so close but failing to reach that pinnacle of success.

Simple Golf Swing Advice – 4 Tips For a Proper Golf Swing

Golfers seem to have an unlimited supply of golf swing advice. When reading golf magazines, they are full of tips for a proper golf swing. I have found that while all the tips for improving your golf swing have been offered with the best intentions, in most cases these free golf tips have only confused the issue.

Time to Lose Your Negative Perception Regarding a Public Golf Course

Many people believe that only golf courses found in country clubs or other private settings offer the best playing conditions. Though it is true that country clubs or private courses offer excellent playing fields, there are also well-maintained public golf courses that are in superior conditions.

Benefits and Drawbacks Involving a Golf Swing Training Video

There are various aspects for and against a golf swing training video, and it is essential that you know them in advance of doing it. This information is meant to inform you about many of the primary benefits and drawbacks of of golf video guides and golf swing guides to help you make the decision that is certainly most effective for you.

The Importance of Golf Club Fitting

If you are a certified golf enthusiast, then it is safe to assume that you understand the importance of having your very own set of clubs that fit your style of play. In choosing which clubs to include in your set of clubs, you need to have a clear understanding of how important the role of golf club fitting is. Golf club fitting are simply factors that you have to consider when choosing golf equipment. These factors include the weight, length, and grip size of the clubs.

Golf Club Drivers – Clubs to Help Improve Your Game

A golf club driver is perhaps one of the most important clubs a golfer has to have in his golf bag. It may be the most expensive club in your golf club set, but for a completely good reason. It is the golf club driver that allows the golfer to hit the ball long and hard into a hole in the distance.

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