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Grip it and Rip It

That’s the thing about golf, no-one tells you that you love it or hate it. Ironically from the moment I ‘sliced’ my first tee shot I was ‘hooked’. How could this silly little ball be so difficult to get in the hole? It’s an amazing game that challenges the golfer to always try their best. You could have 99 shots of mediocrity and just one that a pro would be happy with and that’s enough to keep you coming back time and time again.

How to Design a Perfect Fit Custom Golf Putter

How a retired aerospace engineer designed and patented a golfer adjustable custom golf putter. The technical features and performance benefits which drove the design of the “ultimate putter”. Golfers no longer have to fit the putter available to them from “off the rack”. Now their putter can fit them.

7 Things That Make Tiger Woods the Best Golf Player in the History

Tiger Woods is in my opinion and in the opinion of several experts the best golf player of the world. It is very important to say that Tiger Wood is not only currently the most valorous golf player of the world but is the most relevant in the history of this sport.

How to Choose the Right Glove

Don’t you hate it when you get blisters all over your sore hands when playing golf? Doesn’t it annoy you even more when it’s your gloved hand that gets the blisters? Well, you do have reason to be annoyed because the right golf glove should prevent your hand from getting blisters and experiencing soreness.

Golf Swing Basics – 3 Magic Moves to Drop 5 Strokes in 5 Minutes!

Many golfers who search online for golf swing basics end up suffering from information overload, because they hear so many different things and do not know which direction to turn. Here I am going to simplify the process and share with you 3 golf tips that can literally have you playing better golf in about 5 minutes.

How to Choose the Right Golf Course?

What makes a golf course worth playing in? This is a question that has become all the more important in recent months because of the ongoing economic crisis. It is a question you’ll be able to answer after reading this short article.

Golf Clubs – Handy For More Than Just 18 Holes

The venerable golf club has long been a symbol of what some have called the greatest game ever developed. On the golf course, the proper golf club can mean the difference between a high handicap or a perfect game. Some people give an added meaning to the golf club, turning it into a status symbol which separates the wealthy from the lower classes.

Hills Country Golf Club – The Jewel of San Antonio

For an exceptional golfing experience, consider booking a round at Hills Country Golf Club. Conde Nast Traveler has deemed Hills Country the number one golf destination in Texas and ranked it as number 17 worldwide. Located at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio in Texas, Hills Country Golf Club is a popular course with guests of the hotel and locals alike.

A Golf Club Starter Set is Ideal For Beginners

There are many people who may have watched the game of golf being played on TV or accompanied a friend to the course and thought it would be a great idea to get off the cart part and try playing themselves. If this is you or someone you know, consider purchasing a golf club starter set before spending a great deal of money on a more expensive set.

Golf Club Sales – New and Old Players in the Game

Although golf is an old and venerable sport, only in recent years has it really become extremely popular with a variety of people and golf club sales have also risen accordingly. With new materials and new technology, golf clubs are now available to cater to nearly any golfer’s body type and swing style.

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