What our RoboTest revealed about Ping’s new G430 driver line

Help With My Putting! – Putting Advice From a Golf Professional

If you’re struggling with your putting you have stumbled across the perfect article. This article outlines several steps you can take to improve your putting, straight from a professional instructor.

Essential Tips to Purchasing a Golf Bag

Are you just starting out playing golf and looking for the perfect golf bag? Or a professional looking around for an upgrade? The golf bag is an essential part of your golf equipment even though it does not get as much focus as the golf clubs.

Golf Swing Sequence – The Right Way to Swing the Club and What to Avoid

Getting the golf swing sequence right is key to improving your game. No amount of practice will make up for having a lousy golf swing. Here is how to get it right to help you see improvement as quickly as possible.

Fine Tuning to Gain a Proper Golf Swing

Learning how to get a proper golf swing with your club shouldn’t be too difficult with practice. A good way to go about it is to imagine that your spine is an axis of revolution and also keep a firm grip on your club. These are the techniques that golfers all over the world use. Though the swing may look similar, the differences are subtle and the proper golf swing differs from golfer to golfer.

Golf Concepts

Golf is a popular sport as according to the National Golf Foundation 26 million people play the game with 560 million rounds every year. It has been reported that the golfing industry is growing at $25 billion per year as about 500 new golf courses are opened in US each year. With the increasing popularity of golf more people are now getting interested in learning the game.

Callaway Fusion Irons – Reviewed

Callaway is so famous for in order to achieve a powerful and tour tested club that is suitable for golfers of all levels and skill. But has the Callaway Fusion Irons taken advantage of the years of experience Callaway has in tailoring clubs to fit wide ranges of individual needs? Callaway Fusion Irons employ Callaway’s Fusion Technology and come in two lines…

Golf Lessons on the Web For Beginners

The question is, ‘Should people who are new to golf obtain their golf tips from the internet?’ I am of the view that the best starting point for people who are just starting to learn how to play golf is to learn to hit the golf ball…

Putting Tips – Do You Know This Secret to Long Putts For Duffers?

If you want to improve your scores and lower your handicap you would be hard pressed to find a better way than putting better. A good place to begin the process is with long or lag putts. These are putts longer than is reasonable for you to hole out, say 25 feet or longer. The objective is to get the ball down in just two strokes. A task easier said than done.

British Open History – 1977 Watson Vs Nicklaus at Turnberry

The British Open is the oldest of golf’s four major championships, the others being; The Masters, the US Open and the PGA Championship. The first championship was held in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. Throughout its 138 years the Open Championship has produced many memorable moments. The 1977 Open, featuring a duel between Jack Nickluas and Tom Watson, is considered one of the great tournaments of all time.

Putting Tips – Can Putting Grip Pressure Make a Huge Difference For Duffers?

If you have lived very long at all you understand how much of a difference little things can make in life. Golf is no different. A slight stance alteration or a different brand of golf ball can help you play better.

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