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British Open is Up For Grabs

When you think of the British Open, two courses quickly come to mind: Carnoustie Championship Course, the site of last year’s Open, and Royal Birkdale, the site of this year’s tournament. This is the ninth time the Open is being played at Royal. The course is second only to St. Andrews in the number of Opens held there. Despite a lengthening of the course, which plays at over 7100 yards, this year’s venue promises to test a golfer’s shotmaking capabilities to the limit, as expected from a major tournament.

Making Practice Pay Off

No matter how much athletic ability or natural talent you have, you still have to practice to become good. Practicing fine-tunes your skills, develops consistency, and builds confidence.

Some Rules of Golf Etiquette

Tournament officials also disqualified her for taking a bad drop at the Samsung World Championship in 2005-her first event as a professional. Her drop landed the ball 12 to 15 inches closer to the hole. Neither of Wie’s violations was intentional. But they did violate the rules.

Improving Club Control

Among the biggest differences between a player with a low golf handicap and one with a high golf handicap is club control. Players with low golf handicaps have better club control than players with high ones. Better club control enables players to make shots that other players can’t. When combined with the right course strategy, making good shots cards lower scores.

Don’t Flip It, Release It

Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Whoever first said that never played golf. In golf, consistency is the key to a low golf handicap-the game’s holy grail It’s impossible to achieve a low golf handicap without developing consistency, golf lessons and golf tips not withstanding.

Get a Better Golf Swing – 3 Tips to Have You Hitting Longer and Straighter Shots Today!

Golf is a very difficult game to improve at, no matter what level you are at. If you want to get better at golf then you need to learn the proper swing mechanics in order to get a better golf swing. An improved golf swing is going to allow you to hit better shots and shoot lower scores. With that said here are 3 things that you can do in order to start playing better golf in just a few hours.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Beginner golf players often have trouble selecting the perfect golf driver. The best golf drivers for beginners commonly follow the general rule that more forgiveness in the shot is better for learning players. These drivers also include two major aspects: a huge size and high loft.

How to Hold a Golf Club to Maximize Your Swing – Your Golf Grip May Be the Easiest Thing to Fix!

Keep your eye on the ball! Though simple, this little piece of advice works for every sport, but it is most appropriate when you are talking about golf and baseball. After hibernating all winter, it’s time to get out the ole’ clubs and head onto the course. The first time out after being off for months usually finds you trying to engage your muscle memory. Thankfully, muscle memory is more of a reflex than conscious thought.

How to Blast Your Swing Into the Big Leagues

I purposely used action verbs in the title, because if you really want to blast your swing into the big leagues, you need to focus on one thing, which is, “the impact zone”. Nothing else matters in the greater scheme of things.

Improve Your Golf Swing Almost Overnight With These Little Known Tips

I keep coming back to this point and that is, the most important aspect of the swing, is the “impact zone”. Too many golfers in my experience fall victim to their unquenchable…

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