Waves crashing on one of golf’s most famous holes

The Callaway UPro Golf GPS Will Blow Your Mind

I didn’t really think the golf GPS systems could do much more. Then I saw the Callaway uPro golf GPS system. A little pricey, but you won’t believe your eyes when you see the little device in action.

Callaway Wood – Special Report

When it comes to using woods, particularly the driver, all we want to do is hit the ball down the middle for miles. Callaway have the answer.

Everything You Ought to Know About a Golf Swing Trainer

Using a golf swing trainer can help you improve your game. Especially if you’re using the best trainers that are available on the market. This article lists somethings to look for when choosing a golf swing trainer.

Correcting a Golf Slice – Four Great Tips That Will Alleviate Your Slice

Correcting a golf slice can be one of the hardest things to accomplish if you just try to play through it. I had a golf slice pretty much from day one and I thought I would just get better the more I played. Truth is I never got better I just kept slicing the ball and it only led to increasing frustration.

Break the Wrists Late

One more sacred tenet bites the dust. Since the beginning of golfing time,almost,we have been admonished to break the wrists late on the back swing. This enables us to take the club back low to the ground and get a big arc. There is no denying the fact that thousands of great golfers have done exactly this.

Putting Tips – Choose the Right Putting Grip For Duffers

Uncover the difference a little thing like the way you hold your putter can make to how effectively you putt. You need to know what type of grip is best for you and what the absolute essentials are that you must maintain to be successful putting. Once you’ve read this article you will know how to correctly grip a putter in a way that is comfortable for you. Don’t miss this stroke saving information.

Finding Good Golf Equipment

When You Don’t Have the Dough to Purchase Good Links Equipment – Good equipment can be inexpensive if you know where to look. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to garage sales in the summer in my neck of the woods only to find an entire set of clubs for $32. Granted, I’m almost certain they weren’t top drawer stuff, but they were suitable for how I play (you probably don’t want me to get into too much detail about that.

Golf Swing Advice For the Sand Trap Shot

The best golf swing advice I have ever been given was to stick to the fundamentals. This not only applies to the full swing tee shots and iron shots but also to all other various shots you have to play during a round of golf. Every type of shot that you will encounter has a basic fundamental way to approach it and than it may have variations from that, but you must begin with the fundamentals.

Fixing a Shank Golf Shot With Reliable Information and Tips

When you jump on your computer to look for info on fixing your shank golf shot, something might be off. The average golfer gets bombarded by such a large amount of conflicting info about the right way to do it. They can’t all work the best, so how do you know what to get into? Here’s the simple way to find the exact info that has worked for other golfers who corrected their shank golf shot.

Searching For Good Beginner Golf Swing Instructions That Really Work

There’s a wrong way and a right one to look for beginner golf swing instructions. One way will lead you to so much conflicting info that your head will spin. The right way will show you the tips, guides and techniques that are actually working for other golfers.

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