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Why Do Golf Shots Finish Short of the Flag Most of the Time?

When I was a little boy I was frightened of the dark. Many nights I’d hide under my blankets because the darkness would play tricks on my eyes. I’d imagine there was something or someone moving in my room, I’d imagine strange noises, and even though there was nothing there, I would start to panic all the same.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Hey Golfers, 3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Fast and Lower Your Score

If you are a golfer and improve your golf swing almost immediately, then you must realize that your old form is just not going to do it anymore. There are far too many duffers that want to get better without changing anything. It is only by making corrections that you can hope to lower that handicap.

Mental Rehearsal – Your Mental Road Map to Playing Better Golf

Wouldn’t it be great if you could become a better golfer just by lying down and relaxing? You may not be aware of it but you can do just that.

Techniques For Lower Handicap

Each and every person who tries playing golf aims at being a pro. However, most of the people remain in the majority group after attending uncountable practice sessions. A number of ways could help you lower handicap easily.

When Adding New Golf Clubs, Here Are Some Points to Consider When Buying a New Driver

After we’ve purchased our Golf Irons, now’s the time to buy a Driver!!! Whether you’re buying this driver at the same time or just adding a new driver, consider these vital points!! I think a driver is a very important golf club for all golfers!!!

How to Improve Your Golf Drive – 2 Great Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Drive and Score Birdies

There are a variety of strategies currently available on how to improve your golf drive. Since this is the initial shot at any golf hole, it is essential that it be not only straight, but also long. With every 10 yards of extra distance, one club is subtracted from the next shot, leading to better scoring. This is crucial in scoring for average and lowering that handicap.

A Report on the Medicus 5 Iron

One of Medicus’ unique training equipments is the Medicus 5 Iron. Aided by the dual hinge technology, it’s able to provide you with immediate response whether your iron shots are correct or not.

Golf GPS Range Finders Review

For those of us who are not professional golfers and cannot afford our own golf caddy to travel with us whenever we find time to play. There is another great option however, A GPS Range Finder.

Improve a Golf Swing – Technique For Women by Keeping a Proper Grip on the Club

It has been a long period since golf was a game merely played by men but for too long generally golf lessons seemed to suggest the same stance and golf swing commands in support of men as well as women. The drawback with this type of lesson is that women and men maintain fundamentally diverse bodies.

Find Out 3 Tips on How to Correct a Hook Golf Swing Problem Fast

Do you find yourself struggling with hooking problem during golf swing? Are you looking for ways on how to correct a hook golf swing just to perfect your golf swing? Understanding the right perfect golf swing technique is important to the game you play. In order for you to improve your golf swing, you must follow the perfect golf swing technique to achieve great golf swing. Read more and learn how you can correct hook golf swing problem instantly.

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