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Choosing Your Golf Clubs

Choosing which golf club to buy is usually the first obstacle that you will encounter when you are starting out in the sport. In order to make the buying process easier for you, you need to have a good understanding of what types of golf clubs are there. This will help you decide which clubs will help your playing style. It’s better if you learn this before you sign up and enter ladies golf clubs. The clubs are designed to help a player make different kinds of shots.

Golf Swing Tip For Getting Maximum Distance With Your Driver

If you are driving the golf ball poorly, and by that I mean without much distance or consistency, let me give you these two golf swing tips that go hand in hand. These two swing tips will help you understand where the problem is in your golf swing.

Performance Designed Callaway FT Clubs

When your upgrading to the latest Clubs, check out the hot new Callaway FT Clubs. Whether your looking for Drivers, Irons, or Hybrids, Callaway has them. Find out why the Callaway FT-iQ an FT-i brids Irons are the top choice for any Golfer.

Irons For Chipping

Golf irons are most important clubs in a golfer’s bag. With the different types of irons available, the knowledge of which one to use where is also important. So, the article is intended to provide the knowledge for different golf irons for chipping.

How to Play Golf in India

This is a frequently asked question. People who wish to learn golf have lots of queries in there mind like “how to start”, “where to start.”

Demystifying the Golf Swing Sequence

Many amateur golfers approach the intricacies of the golf swing sequence with a sense of awe and mystery. However, there may be less mystery involved than at first appears.

Golf Tips – Swing it Right!

It seems like everyone is playing golf these days, and why not? It’s a great game. It’s a lot of fun, plus it’s a good way to make business connections. But if you want golf to work in your favor, you need to be good at it. If you’re out playing golf with your boss, having a weak game can reflect poorly on you. If any of this rings a bell, you should make a point to improve your game.

Major Championships in Golf and Their Significance

Golf is a great game that has a rich history. Learn about some of the most important tournaments in the game known as the major championships.

Golf Driving Tips – Hit it Further in 3 Easy Steps!

The tee shot is one of the most important aspects of your golf game, because a bad tee shot can result in a high score before you even get to the green! Most people suffer from a lack of consistency off of the tee, which results on short and inaccurate drives. How can you avoid this problem and hit the ball better? Here are three golf driving tips that I have put together to help you hit the ball further with greater accuracy.

Golf Nazi Says, No More Golf Shanks For You

A golf shank is never welcomed into anyone’s game. Never the less, a golf shank will happen every now and then to even the best player sin the world. Most do not like talking about a golf shank and others will not talk about a golf shank at all.

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