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Putting Drill – How to Drill Those Short Putts For Duffers

At last a putting practice drill that really works! Check out this phenomenal putting routine that helps any duffer groove a fantastic putting stroke. Imagine yourself facing an 8 foot birdie putt with such confidence that you know you are going to make it. You will never freeze over an important putt again.

Cure Your Golf Slice – Tips For Correcting a Golf Slice

Do you want to cure your golf slice for good or maybe you just hope to cut down on the instances of slicing. Either way these tips will help you today cut down on slicing and you have started at the right place. Now fixing your slice is a journey that takes time and patience and you will not arrive there overnight.

Putting Drills – Try This Pre-Round Putting Warm Up Routine For Duffers

Who else want to know the secret the pros use to be on top of their putting game from the very first green? Imagine walking up to the first green with the confidence to read the green correctly for both speed and break. How many of those putts would make? Don’t let another minute go by without reading this valuable putting drill that will help you make more putts during your round and amaze your golf buddies…

Golf Game Management – Is Your Golf Course Management Up to Par?

Golf game management is essential to your success as a golfer. Do you know what separates the great players from the good players? It is course management! While you may not be able to hit the ball like a pro or putt like a pro, you can learn to think your way around the golf course like a pro. Here I am going to give you 3 tips on how you can manage your game better.

Looking to Get Accuracy & Distance Off the Tee?

I do not know any golfer who would not like to get more distance on their drive. The biggest challenge to distance of course is accuracy. Many times you hear big hitters tell you to hit the ball as hard.

Women’s Golf Clubs

There isn’t anything quite like the feeling of hitting a great golf shot. Unfortunately, it is much easier said than done. Women’s golf clubs have come a long way when it comes to…

How to Correct a Golf Slice – Tips You Need to Know to Finally Stop Slicing

How to correct a golf slice is a question that many golfers will ask but very few manage to find an answer to. I struggled for many years with a slice and just tried to play through it with no success. I came to the conclusion that the only way I can cure my slice was to invest in a training aid and then go to work and practice.

Fix Your Golf Swing Slice – Tips to Help Improve Your Golf Swing Mechanics

Fix your golf swing slice now by following these tips. The bottom line is that the earlier you try to fix your swing the easier it will be. Now if you were like I was and slicing for years there is hope and you can fix it.

Golf For Beginners Tips – How to Skyrocket Your Learning Curve

There are tons and tons of golf for beginners tips out there. With all the info it can be very easy to get lost in a sea of information and give up. Here is how to improve so fast you’ll be accused of cheating.

Golf Swing Training to Get the Best From Your Swing

A good golf swing contains many micro movements that need to be correct. If even one of these movements are slightly out, the swing will not be effective. Read on to find out more

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