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How to Reduce the Cost of Golf Cart Batteries

Preventing embarrassing break downs on the golf course due to flat golf buggy batteries makes sense and is easy to achieve. Take good care of your golf cart battery and reap the rewards in more ways than simply saving money.

Golf Ideas You Need To Check Out

Playing golf is a form of art, one that consists of significantly more than just knocking a golf ball down the fairway to plop it into the cup. Hitting the golf ball calls for flexibility and strength in the upper body. Furthermore, it’s essential to stay calm and focus on shot accuracy and precision in order to make your golf shots go where you want them to. Keep reading for a variety of helpful tips and tricks for improving your game.

Is The Golf Swing Plane Important And Why

Many high handicap golfers don’t know why they can’t hit the ball solid, but I can assure you for the majority of them their golf swing plane is off. They are not coming down and into the ball on plane. So what is this. When you set up to the ball, and put your club on the ground behind the ball, you are creating a plane with your shaft, coming from the hosel of the club near the ground, up the shaft and dissecting your midsection.

Before Purchasing Your Next Golf Putter, Be Certain It’s Correct for You

No matter what level of golfer you are, there is one club that you will use much more than any other during a round of golf. Not the driver, which some players never pull out of their bag. It’s of course the putter, and becoming a good or even great putter requires a putter that is right for you. Here we will examine some options.

Rule 25-2 – Embedded Ball

Sooner or later most golfers will experience an embedded ball situation. This article details the rulings applicable and how the player should proceed.

Seven Factors You Need To Play Golf

Have you ever heard of the amazing game of golf? Would you happen to know anything concerning it? The topic might be very important to some people, but you’ll find hardly any who actually understand it.

Golf GPS And Rangefinder Devices – Are They Worth It?

One of the fastest growing areas in golf equipment has been the development of electronic measuring devices such as golf rangefinders and GPS. This article will help you decide whether they are truly worth the investment and if so, which one may be best for your golf game.

The Only 3 Things You’ll Ever Need to Know About Your Golf Swing

If you want to increase your golf swing productivity, and improve your golf game scores drastically. Then you will want to hear these three critical concepts. These concepts are having a good quality video camera, good grip, and also having good body position.

Improving Your Golf Swing – Frequently Asked Questions

However, few people actually take the time to set practice time, and fewer people work at achieving their goals. This is because there is a lot of confusion about how to properly set up the proper golf swing. In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to improve your golf swing.

Golf GPS Reviews: Do You Really Need to Have a Golf GPS or Golf Range Finder?

Whilst there are thousands of devices that are offered as the ultimate device for improving your golf game, few have received the unprecedented attention and fan following of golf GPS/ golf range finders. In fact, these gadgets have so many takers that various top makers of golf products have jumped on to the bandwagon. However, as a novice or even as a golf enthusiast who relies only on his/her skills and instinct to participate in the game, you are bound to wonder if you actually desire to invest in a GPS and if it can actually assist you to strengthen your game by lowering handicap. So, if you don’t own a golf range finder/GPS as yet, here is a look at why you need to follow your golfing pals and invest in one.

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