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GolfLogix GPS by Garmin a Must Have For a True Golfer!

The Garmin GolfLogix is simply amazing by what it can do for your game, it can help you by showing your where to improve your game. A must read if you really want to cut some strokes off your score.

Visualisation Techniques For Golf

One of the most important techniques often employed by successful professional golfers is visualisation. Since confidence plays such a key role in the game of golf, these individuals work hard to envision success prior to each round and more importantly, prior to each shot. They can see their tee shots flying straight down the middle of the fairway, they envision approach shots landing on the green, and they can literally hear the ball dropping in the hole on short putts.

Mental Imagery For Golf

Mental imagery, also known as visualization and inner seeing is a process used for a variety of purposes. When athletes utilize mental imagery, the process typically involves imagining oneself in the environment in which the person is to perform. The athlete views mental images of him or herself playing the sport, and using the techniques and mindset necessary to perform extraordinarily well in that sport.

If You’re Missing Too Many Putts, Check Your Putter

The putt is dead level. Your alignment is perfect. You’ve honed your stroke. And you miss.

How to Understand Golf

The sport of golf is one that is often misunderstood. This misunderstanding causes an aversion in many against golf, however, that is not the case. Golf is an amazing game.

Determining the Aerodynamics of a Ball

In golf, the golfer must play around with many things in order to get a perspective on certain playing styles. One of the things the golfer must do is to find a good air to ball ratio so they have an idea of the air that they are putting under the ball.

How to Overcome the Rough Stages of Being a Beginner Golfer

The golf swing is challenging and good shots for a beginner are few and far between. Do not discourage. It will get better with good beginner golf instruction and practice.

Finding the Correct Level of Commitment For Playing Golf

Before embarking on a golf journey, one should know how much they would be willing to put in to their golf game. Golfers such as Tiger Woods have an intrinsic motivation to play golf and therefore excel at it. However, perhaps if Mr. Woods forced his son to play golf he may not be as good as it because he is externally motivated and is most likely playing to avoid punishment from the father.

Learning the Secret to Great Golf

The secret to great golf is actually not a secret. The only component of great golf is a game that is centered on a sound and fundamental principle. The golfers that excel and defeat others are the ones that have mastered the fundamentals of golf.

Finding Your Own Individual Golf Swing

The new golfer always wants to know how to get that perfect swing that is held by some of the best golfers such as Tiger Woods and other professional golfers. As a beginner you should know that all great tournament and low handicaps players have learned the proper swing from a swing coach.

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