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Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes?

Before you pack up the car to head out to any golf course, unless it is one that you visit all of the time, you should look into whether or not they have a golf course dress code. The good news is that most municipal golf courses do not have a strict code, but they do have some basic rules that you must follow.

Slow Down Your Tempo For More Powerful and More Accurate Golf Hits

Power and accuracy can be gained by slowing down your tempo. A too quick tempo often does not give you time to swing correctly. Learn this trick to slow down and your scores should plummet.

Ladies Golf Bags – Finding the Perfect Match

Women are always particular with the things that they have. Whether it’s jewelry, clothes, or a golf bag, it always has to be in line with their personality and their taste. When it comes to golf, women have, in particular certain taste when choosing the right apparel and equipment to use.

What’s Up With All the Bald PGA Tour Players?

Bald men are more virile or sexually active than other men. Some balding men are proud of their baldness. Most of the Champions Tour players have full heads of hair.

Golf Irons – 5 Branded Golf Club Collections

Beres 8 series. Each of the Honma’s third generation irons is built in soft stainless steel with a specific structure flow of design. Irons 3 through 7 have a two-piece structure with an integrated cavity. Each iron boasts a large face and sweet spot.

How to Use a Mirror to Improve Your Golf Swing

One of the reasons developing your swing is so hard is that most of the golf swing takes place behind your back where you can’t see it. Swinging in front of a mirror can help solve that problem, as well as help you in other ways.

Choosing the Right Golf Course

Since your golf course is going to be based on your handicap, it is important to determine what your handicap is. If you have never golfed before you won’t have a handicap so you should stick with the beginner courses, until you have established a handicap or feel comfortable moving up to the more advanced courses.

Breaking 80 Golf Tips – Improve Your Chipping With This Simple Drill For Duffers

Uncover the secret the pros use to get up and down from around the greens. This simple drill will give you the skills the pros use to master their short games. Chip it close most every time with this time tested, course proven technique this drill ingrains in your muscle memory. Make your chipping seem almost automatic.

Golf Ball Dimples – The What and the Why?

Why do golf balls have dimples? A golf ball with dimples can travel up to three times as far as the same ball without dimples. How did the idea of dimples come about? The effect of dimples on golf ball trajectory and distance was discovered accidentally in the 1800’s.

Golf – A Mental Game

Whatever you want it call it, it is a very important part of this game that not many players realize. I am a firm believer in positive thinking not only on the course but in real life. I won’t start talking about the Laws of Attraction but I will talk about how positive thinking helps us make better swings on the course which will result in lower scores!

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