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How to Swing a Golf Club – Use These 3 Golf Swing Techniques and Tips

Have you ever wondered why the most amateur golfer did not know how to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods? If yes, then read on and see how you can improve your swing with these secret golf swing tips and techniques.

NLP For Golf – Handling Frustration

NLP has been highly effective in peak performance for many area of sports because of its habit handling strategies. This article explores NLP in the area of golf.

The Mental Side of the Game of Golf

Anyone that has ever played golf can attest to the fact that golf is a mental game. Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.” Many golfers new to the game, or for that matter seasoned players as well, see the fancy clothes, the shiny equipment, or the cool gadgets and assume that some combination of these will make them a better golfer, shoot lower scores, and lower their handicap.

Golf Swing Analysis – A Way to Lift the Way You Play

It is no secret that modern technology is moving along at a rapid pace. As golfers, this is good news to us as with the proper use of this new technology, we can improve our performance while playing the game we love: golf. A common route that many golfers have used to improve their skills is to attend a lesson with a golf professional.

Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing – Take Your Game to the Next Level and Lower Your Score

Any experienced golfer will tell you that the most important aspect of the game is the swing. This single thing will impact your game far more than any club, ball, or course condition. If you want to improve your game and lower your score, the swing is what you need to focus on. With that being said, let’s examine the golf swing a bit more closely.

Ball Picker Robot Demystified

Robot Mowers such as the BigMow and ParcMow are now available for larger properties or golf courses and practice ranges. What about golf balls? Eureka! The BallPicker!

Cure a Golf Slice – Breaking the Swing Down to a Five Step Approach

Examining the five parts of a swing will help you cure a golf slice easier. Understanding why you are slicing the ball will make it easier to fix it.

How to Choose a Golf Club That is Right For You

When playing golf, you want to get the best results possible. So you need to find the time to choose a golf club that will improve your game. Choosing the right golf club will be determined by your stance, height, gender and whether you are right or left handed.

Finding Great Golf Instruction

Regardless of your budget there are a variety of great golf instructional materials and trainers out there today. You can seek referrals for local trainers at golf shops. And you can search for some online with keywords that include your location.

Give Old Golf Clubs a New Life by Refurbishing Them

Having your clubs refurbished is a great option that will allow you to hang on to them for a while longer, but also to continue to put them to good use. Here are some ideas about refurbishing your old golf clubs.

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