Training Aid Review: The Lag Shot 7-Iron

The Golf Backswing – Set Yourself Up For Success

There seems to be a tendency among golfers to spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on the backswing. There are certainly a few fundamental ideas that are important if you expect to return to the ball in the proper impact position however is there really a need to pick apart the golf backswing and analyze every foot of it?

Try These Putting Drills to Eliminate 3-Putts

If you want to score better, more than likely you would be best served by improving your putting. The top professionals average around 28-29 putts per round while an 18 handicap golfer averages closer to 35…

Great Golf Tips on Chipping The Ball Close Every Time

It is a pretty well known fact that more than half of the shots taken during the average round of golf take place within 100 yards of the green. If you are looking to shave a few strokes off of your score then tips on chipping is a great place to start…

Staying In Sync During the Golf Downswing

The downswing in golf is certainly a popular topic for golf writers and teachers. And why wouldn’t it be? There almost seems to be no limit to the different downswings out there nor the “mistakes” that golfers make! Before you can make a good downswing you need to be in a good position at the top of your backswing…

The Game of Golf Explained

Golf is a game played by a selected few, mostly the rich elite who prefer to have a cool game with no hassle and crowds, no brushing shoulders with other players and most of all a white collar game where players are well dressed while playing and most of the time they don’t sweat. The game is played with players using a club to hit the golf ball from one part of the ground to another aiming at a hole in the ground. The place from where the ball is hit using the club is called the…

How to Chip in Golf

One of the most important things to remember if you want to learn how to chip better is just how important it is to have clean, consistent contact. You will need to strike the ball on the way down, avoiding hitting the ground before you hit the ball.

The Hexagon Of Your Golf Swing

Modern Technology Has Changed The Game Of Golf! You are probably thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know.” Everyone that has played the game for any significant amount of time is aware of the fact that technology has changed the game of golf. Technology has changed the equipment so that the ball will go further and straighter. Everyone is aware of this. This being true, there is an enormous amount left to talk about.

Ways for Better Golf Swings

The sport of golf is considered to be an individual sport. Players continue gaining better swings not only to surpass the competitor but probably to reduce the golf club swinging until the ball enters into the hole. As they say, “Practice makes perfect” and that means you really need to practice if you want to boost your swings.

Chip Shot – Save 5 Shots Per Round

One of the most important assets that you can have for lowering your score is to improve your chipping. Once you learn to feel the correct distance and are able to choose the right club, your consistency will improve and you can save a least 5 shots in a round. Despite these potential benefits, chipping is probably the least practiced and most neglected part of most players’ golf game. Here are some tips on the chip shot.

Four Underrated Tips for Golf From The Pros

Everyone wants to improve their golf game. Most of the time it isn’t the big things that need to be changed to improve their golf game, it is the little things. Here are four tips for golf game improvement straight from the pros.

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