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You and Your Golf Swing

You and your golf swing can at times be diverse. You want the ball to go straight but your swing takes charge and sends the ball in a completely different direction. Why does it do that? What goes wrong from club head to actual contact when you are positive that you have done everything right?

Golf Swings For Women

Addressing the ball before teeing off. Attaining the correct golf grip. What the difference is between men and women’s golf swing.

Learning Your Golf Swing

To explain why golf swings are so complicated. Finding the correct grip that suits you. Why it is not all about the swing.

Beginner Golf Guide – 3 Simple Tips to Help All New Golfers

Golf is a great sport, but can be one of the hardest sports to start playing and be successful. Even the best of athletes have had trouble with golf, and the reason is that no other sport relies so much on simple fundamentals in order to produce great shots. The professional golfers have no secrets, they simply have mastered the fundamentals. Here is a beginner golf guide crash course covering three tips that are vital to getting you started on the right track.

Shoot Lower Golf Scores – How to Lower Your Golf Handicap Practically Overnight!

One thing that all golfers want to do regardless of what they may tell you is improve your game. Some of your friends may tell you that they are content with how they are playing, but in reality almost everyone who plays this fun and crazy game wants to shoot lower golf scores. To do this their are three things that you can do right now to help you play better tomorrow.

Golf Swings With Posture

Why the correct posture is vital for golfers. Developing a stance that is comfortable for you. Relaxing with the golf swing.

Your Golf Swing and You

The importance of the correct set up when preparing to drive off the tee box. Practice shots before hitting the ball. Correct posture when addressing the ball.

Winning Golf Swing

Is there such a thing as a winning Golf swing? Well of course there is. We see it every time we watch golf on T.V. We also see it when we are playing a round of golf ourselves.

Curing Golf Slice and Hook – How to Easily Improve Your Game!

There are usually several common mistakes with the average golf swing. Two of the most popular problems include the golf slice and golf hook, both of which can be fixed so you can make the ball go exactly where you want to go. Here are some tips on how to fix your golf game.

Golf Bunker Shots – How to Easily Escape Sand Traps

For so many beginners, escaping from a bunker is the stuff of nightmares. Just the thought conjures up images of shot after shot spent hacking away in the sand. Here are tips on how to make the right golf bunker shots and escape the sand trap.

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