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Golf Training Tips For Golf Beginners

Special top secret golf training tips for beginners. Get rid of that awful slice and improve your golf swing!

Tiger Roars to Victory Again

You’d have to have been living in a cave for the last decade or so not to be familiar with the name Tiger Woods. His accomplishments and the young ages he made them are remarkable. He has been as good for the game as the game has been for him.

Golf Aim and Alignment Fundamentals That Will Shave Strokes Off Your Score

How a golfer lines up their shot will definitely determine where the ball will go. How many times have you made a great shot, hitting the ball perfectly, only to realize that you’ve missed your target because you were not aiming in the right direction. Proper aim and alignment are things you can control and take unnecessary stokes off your score.

Golf Traps, Don’t Get Fooled – You Can Play the Golf Tips Lottery Or Learn Properly

Can you think back and remember the many times you tried new golf tips for chipping or putting or even full golf swing tips and they seemed to work for a time? Then as time slid inexorably by, so did the result of the golf tips or perhaps when your golf hands seemed to produce errant shots again the golf tips that once seemed to work were quickly abandoned. You may need to discover the truth about golf tips and in doing so discover the reason why some of them seemed to work for a while.

Five Top Golf Schools in Arizona

If you really want to learn to play golf, Arizona is one of the best places to be. Arizona has weather that allows you to play almost every day all year round and has some of the best courses and instruction programs in the country.

TaylorMade Burner Driver Review

One of many newer, more uniquely designed clubs on the market, the TaylorMade Burner Driver features yet another special club head shape, weight distribution, forgiveness, and a solid price tag to boot. Look out for this one, because it follows exactly what consumers are looking for today. As TaylorMade Golf aimed for, this one is great for the average player who can spend average money, but you’ll be getting much more than you paid for.

Callaway FT-iQ Driver Review

The Callaway FT-iQ Driver is called “one of the most interesting drivers”. Callaway Golf has certainly revealed some of its most advanced technological innovations into this driver.

Golf Traps, Don’t Be Fooled – You Can’t Buy a Game to Play Better Golf

As much as I love them there are times when I think the world’s most gullible sportsman have to be golfers. I have simply lost count (years ago) of the number of times I have listened to a golfer explaining that their new found success is due to a new piece of equipment, the two most common being the driver and the Putter, when in reality their improvement has little or nothing to do with their new game improvement clubs.

Save Money by Using a Golf Ball Retriever

When setting out to play a round of golf, what are the items to double check to make sure we have ready? Most importantly, we check that our clubs are clean and in the bag. We also make sure we have our golf shoes, a glove, a bag of tees, some cash for the beverage cart and plenty of our favorite golf balls. The item we do not always think to include is that trusty, money-saving tool…the golf ball retriever.

Ladies Golf Shoes – Are They Necessary?

Ladies golf shoes are becoming more and more stylish, but how much should you spend on a pair? Are they really necessary for a good round of golf?

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