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Essential Golf Tips for Beginners

For most people, golf is more than just another hobby, a country club activity, a gentleman’s recreational sport; it is a game that borders on obsession with many of its hardcore enthusiasts desperately trying to perfect the sport, which is why those men and women eager to enter into this world must take note of some of the essential golf tips for beginners, since the game of golf is for the most part a very long journey. Unlike other sports, golf takes a much longer time to get to only the most basic of levels, for the reason that golf…

Take Note of These Golf Swing Tips

Most golfers tend to take advice from real experts of the game who graciously hand down their innumerable and invaluable golf swing tips. First on the list of golf swing tips, the golfer must know exactly where to orient his golf swing. One must accurately position oneself in line with the target flag.

Golf Equipment: Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Trolley Batteries

Do you play golf and use an electric golf trolley? This is an article all about the correct golf battery to choose.

Improve Your Golf Swing

Whether you are a newbie or a professional golfer, it is always your utmost desire to improve your golf swing. There are several things that you have to take into consideration in order for you to accomplish this goal.

Golf Swing Basics

Playing golf does not take the stroke of a genius to play. There are only few golf swing basics that you have to master in order for you to play it like any professional golfer in the field of sports. Going back to square one is the key factor of being excellent player. The basics are not only for newbie.

Full Swing Golf Tips

Going back to the basics as far as full swing golf tips are concerned is always a good attitude for one to be a better golfer. Whether you are a newbie or a professional player, never ever take the fundamentals of golfing for granted. Excellence in this line of sports is not achieved overnight.

Basic Tips on How to Swing a Golf Club

Learning the basic tips on how to swing a golf club is not a piece of cake. Everybody wants to play golf like the way Tiger Woods is doing it. Honestly speaking, Woods did not achieve his excellence in the sports overnight. Every golfer that you meet will tell you that it is a must that you go back to square one in order for you to be excellent in this type of sports.

Garmin Approach S1 for Golfers: Now Measure Distances Easily

It is a good thing that there are some accessories that can help you make the sport easier and navigate easier around different golf courses. The Garmin’s golf GPS watch, Approach S1 is something just like what every golfer would want.

The 5 Biggest Reasons Players Miss Greens

Missing a green (that you thought you should have hit) is a source of frustration for all golfers at some time or another. In this article we’ll look at the 5 biggest reasons for this mishap.

The Purpose and Importance of the Waggle

This article discusses the purpose of the waggle and the importance of the waggle to the golf swing. If you are interested in learning the motion of the golf swing, start by learning how to waggle a golf club. Then add your shoulder turn to the hand action of the waggle. The hand action of the golf swing is the hand action of the waggle. Consciously learn the hand action of the waggle then unconsciously use your hands within the structure of turning hips and shoulders when making your golf swing.

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