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Golf Tips For Beginners – 3 Tips to Get You Started on the Right Track

Golf can be a frustrating game, especially when you are first starting out. I remember I started playing about 8 years ago and really did not know what I was doing! I did not have much direction so I wanted to provide golf tips for beginners that could improve your game quickly and easily. Practicing the right drills will improve your game more than you can imagine, and is much better than practicing without a purpose, so here are three tips.

Golf – Five Tips to Lower Your Score

So you want to lower your handicap? You want that to happen this season? You are tired of spending money on new Clubs, Gadgets, Balls… and more Balls?

Effective Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Swing

Many different men and women wish to know how to improve their overall game and score. One of the best ways to start doing this is to work on your golf swing. This article will give you some of the best ways to start seeing a real difference in the way you swing the club and hit the ball. You’d be amazed at how much progress you can make in such little time. Since golf is often something men and women do in between their busy schedule, you don’t have a lot of time to become your best so you need quick and efficient ways to do so.

Adding More Distance to Your Golf Swing

Just about any golfer wants to know how they can improve their game. One way that you can make a real difference in your overall score is to improve your golf swing, specifically adding distance. This will get your ball farther on to the green and your score will greatly improve as well when you are done. This article will key you in on some simple yet effective tips that any golfer can use to improve his or her swing right away.

Are You Buying the Right Golf Clubs?

If you love to hit that long drive down the middle of the fairway you are probably considering purchasing some golf clubs. Depending on your skill level and how often you play, you may be looking at a half set, full set or individual custom-fitted clubs. F you’re new to the game, buying clubs can be a daunting prospect, but read on for an overview of what’s available and tips on how to buy the right clubs for your needs.

Amazing Golf Shots – Tiger Woods 2005 Masters #16 Chip In

Of all the amazing golf shots that Tiger Woods has played in his career, this shot stands out as probably the most memorable. Let me take you back; Tiger led Chris DiMarco by three shots going into the final round of the 2005 Masters tournament but that lead had been whittled away to a single stroke as they stood on the tee of the par three sixteenth at the Augusta National Golf Club.

How to Play Better Golf – Use These 3 Tips to Shave 5 Strokes Off Your Game!

Many golfers are seeking the answer to the eternal question of how to play better golf. It is a great feeling when you can put a beating on your buddies, but how can you do this more often and when all of your matches? Their are a few time tested methods that you can use to improve at this crazy game, and here I am going to share with you 3 tips that have helped me improve my golf game drastically over the last few months.

Improve Your Short Game With These 3 Tips

Anyone who has played golf for any amount of time has probably heard that chipping and putting are the difference between good golfers and great golfers. This is true all the way from the amateur ranks to the top of the PGA tour. If you can improve your short game just slightly then you have the ability to take at least 5 strokes per round off of your scores.

Get Control of Your Core For a Powerful Golf Swing!

The core has become a popular area to exercise for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes people do core exercises because they were told to do so, and others do them because they think it will make them look better. Core training for sports and fitness has evolved from the principles that we used in back rehabilitation in the 90’s. I won’t speak to the entire philosophy and detail of core training but I will discuss it as it relates to the golf swing.

The History of Golf to Help You Understand the Game Better

The game of golf is fascinating and is very rich in history and prestige. Learn some of the key historical aspects of the game to help you appreciate it better.

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