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Golf Pain

Certain body parts of muscles hurt when you golf? Do you know depending on when it hurts in your swing can determine what injury your dealing with?

How to Improve Your Chipping Technique

Chipping is a tough part of the game because no two chips are alike. You can practice driving off the range and recreate the exact same setup on the tee. You can practice putting on the practice green and find a similar surface at the end of each hole. But when you get out a wedge that means that something different is going on and you have to learn to deal with it. A well hit chip shot is a very satisfying feeling as it seems almost effortless as the steeply angled club face slides under the ball and the ball soars upward going as high as it goes far.

3 Little Secrets That Can Make a Vast Difference to the Power in Your Drive

Golf is played in a large arena with distances on some holes being sometimes in excess of a third of a mile, it’s amazing how the game often revolves around the smallest measurements. That half inch putt counts just the same as the 330yd drive. Likewise even very small changes in the golf club itself can make a huge difference to how far or accurate we can drive.

How I Cured My Ball Topping Problem

I made an outstanding adjustment to my swing this summer that has eliminated my most hated golf shot problem – topping the ball. A simple adjustment to your stance might save your hours of frustration and expensive golf lessons.

Proper Golf Swing – One Size Does Not Fit All

Golfers come in all sizes and athletic abilities and a proper golf swing really is a personal thing. There are basics that can apply to all swings but they are really more objectives that the golfer has to adapt to his or her golf swing to come up with one that allows consistent ball striking and control.

Take Your Personal Golf Accessories to the Course

It is of no use buying so many golf accessories unless you bring them with you when you intend to play a game. It might be a little difficult to keep every one of the golf accessories always on hand, but you will not be sorry for all the trouble when you will realize how great it is that they come in helpful. There are numerous diverse methods that you can hold your golf accessories stick with you, so here there are discussed a few practical solutions.

USGA Golf Rules Dictate How to Officially Play Golf

USGA golf rules, or the rules of the United States Golf Association, are considered to be the official rules of golf. If you are a serious golfer, you will want to play by USGA golf rules all the time, especially to prepare yourself for competitive or tournament play.

Golf Swing Drills – How to Use Swing Drills to Unleash Long Powerful Straight Drives Right Now

One of the most satisfying shots on the golf course is when you unleash that long sweet thunderous shot straight down the fairway. There is a certain satisfaction golfers get from driving that that the short game shots can’t provide.

Golf Ball Position – Slash Up to 6 Shots From Your Score Right Now by Making 1 Simple Change

You have probably tried changing the movement of your shoulders, keeping your eyes on the ball, keeping your body square to the target. Yet, those long, straight, powerful drives down the middle of the fairway are not happening. The reason your golf swing is not getting better could be something far more simple.

How to Practice Golf the Right Way

Most people focus only on their full swing when they practice. Not only do most average golfers skip short game practice completely, but they usually spend most of their time practicing with the driver, which hurts their game more than anything.

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