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Where to Look For a Golf Shoes Sale

Playing golf requires a lot of time on your feet. This is why having good shoes will improve your comfort.

You Don’t Even Know You Make These Mistakes Putting

According to the United States Golfers Association the average golf score in the USA is about 105. Because putts make up about 40% of the average golf score that means that most golfers are making more than 40 putts per round. That means 4 – 5 three putts a round, or worse.

101 Myrtle Beach Golf Package Tips

Review these 101 Myrtle beach golf package tips. Your next trip to the Grand Strand should be error free.

Drive Straight Down the Fairway in 4 Steps

The base to your golf swing is in your setup. If you don’t pay attention to this you will not be able to execute consistently in any part of your golf game. Set your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, you should feel comfortable, not over stretched.

4 Simple Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Did you know that getting out earlier in the day can be beneficial to your golf score? It’s true!

Buy Used Clubs Online – Your Golf Buddies Do Not Need to Know!

Play it smart and buy used clubs online this year. You should look at buying golf clubs like you look at buying a car. If you buy a new car it loses a large percentage of its value by the time you drive it off the lot.

How to Buy Golf Clubs For Your Level of Game

Buying the wrong golf clubs is as terrible for you as buying the wrong car for a race driver. If you do not have the appropriate equipment, you will not be able to play well no matter how experienced you are.

Your Lousy Putting Techniques Are Killing Your Golf Score

How important are good putting techniques? If you are the average weekend golfer your number of putts is about 40% of your score for the round. If you average 105 then you are carding about 41 of those strokes on the greens.

Getting Yourself Up and Out of the Sand

There are a good few people who play golf and dread hitting the ball in to the sand traps, it can often mean a number of dropped shots for some people since they struggle to get themselves out of the sand. There are golfers though that can take the occasional sand shot in their stride with many professionals able to hit the ball out of the sand better than most people do from the grass near to the hole.

Golf Tips – Different Shots Require Different Stances

There are many different golf shot types that you will need to make in order to become a well rounded golfer. There are the obvious ones such as the drive and putt but it is often a case that the in between shots such as the chip and pitch that require a greater control and judgment of how strong your shot needs to be that can be more difficult to master.

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