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No More Pain on the Putting Green

Becoming a great putter takes a tremendous amount of time. You need to practice to develop feel and touch, but the long hours standing in a bent over position can wreak havoc on your back, hips and neck. It is common knowledge to warm up and stretch before you play and practice your long game, but do you know that it is just as important to warm up and stretch before, during and after you practice putting?

Golf Swing Aids Could Help Take Strokes Off Your Game

As golfers, we all love the game dearly but it can push us to breaking point. It is not unusual to get frustrated to some degree or other while playing. Why?

Sevam – Golf Swing Guru

Sevam, AKA Mike Maves, an ex-amateur Canadian Golfer became an overnight success in mid-2008 when a video of his golf swing was posted to a popular golf forum. Sevam spoke of two golf legends, Ben Hogan and Moe Norman and how we possessed the secrets to their swings.

History of Golf For Women

The game of golf is filled with tradition and has a very rich history. Discover more about the history of women’s golf to help you appreciate the game more.

Fixing a Golf Slice – Four Steps to Fix That Banana Ball

Fixing a golf slice is easy when you stop fighting the urge to get help. Here are four things that will help you fix your banana ball swing.

7 Hints For Great Golfing Breaks

If you are planning a golfing break, especially with your buddies please make a little time to read this article. Golfing trips are sometimes quite fragile and there may be a hint below which could change things from disaster to great. Sadly it is more common to recall the worst rather than the best golfing holidays but it can be fun as long as the person who suffers is not you.

Finding the Right Golf Instruction

Golf, as most people believe and experts agree is a very difficult game and in stark contrast to most other sports played on an international level it does not depend that much on talent. Most reputed golfers confess that it was not that they had a genius for the game.

Some Benefits of Golf Putting Aids

Here is a demonstration of the required posture that will make you achieve that perfect putt. Your arms and shoulders should be free to do the required work so stooping is a big no because it hampers free movement of your arms.

Improve Your Golf Swing With a Few Easy Tips

What golfer doesn’t want to learn how to hit farther and swing their club in such a way that improves their overall game? You too can learn different ways to start improving your swing so you can see a major difference in the way you play the game and how well you do. No matter how much you play, it’s always good to do better when you get out on the green for a game. You’ll feel more confident while you’re playing and have more fun as well.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing and Lower Your Score

No matter what your experience or skill level is, you want to know how you can become the best golfer possible. Whether you just play on weekends or more regularly, you can discover some extremely helpful tips that will leave you with a better score at the end of each game. What golfer doesn’t want to know how he or she can improve their golf swing? This article will be a great starting point for those of you who wish to become more skilled and experienced at the game right away.

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