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Buying Golf Clubs For the Beginning Golfer

There are very few sports that one can engage in without spending considerable amounts of money for equipment, clothing, club memberships, lessons and so on. Some sports cost a lot less than others to participate in but golf is definitely one of the higher cost pastimes.

Online Golf Store

If you’re looking to start playing golf you should know first of all that chances are this isn’t something you’re going to ever stop. Golf is incredibly addictive and can eat up years of your life as you try to improve your handicap, it is in fact as much of a life commitment as marriage.

Golf Fitness – The Four Principles of Golf Fitness

In order to be a successful golfer, your body needs to be prepared and fit to play. This is slightly different than normal fitness, as we aren’t going to measure your heart rate, or your body mass index, but the skills needed to be a good golfer.

Golf Tips – How to Correct Your Golf Backswing

Making this change in your swing will have a dramatic impact on how well you shoot. You hear talk of a “quiet” golf swing, and that’s what we’re going for, a swing where everything moves together. You aren’t turning your shoulders, you are turning your chest.

3 Golf Tips – 3 Tips to Improve Your Golf Distance

In order to stop the pain and play better, you should consider stretching better. I know, you hear this all the time, but there’s a reason for that — it works. But not just any stretching, you want to make sure you are stretching the muscles you need to score better, not just any of them.

Women’s Golf Club Selection

If you have put any level of research into finding women’s golf clubs, you will be aware that the market place is huge with so many options available. This is great for consumers on so many levels but it can leave people with a few difficult decisions to make. When so many of the products seem great, it can be hard to say that they are the definitive set of clubs for any user and after all, no one has the budget to buy multiple sets of clubs. Therefore, having criteria for finding the clubs that will help you play to your potential should be a major consideration for any female golfer.

Improve Your Golf Grip to Improve Your Golf Game

So, how do you decide what grip is right for you? That depends on a lot of factors, not just how big your hands are. The size of your hands, while easy to measure, only tells you one piece. The easiest way to measure is to use your golf glove, not your hands themselves, as they are easier to see on the club.

The Making of a Bad Golf Swing

Do you play golf? Want some top tips on how to better your golf swing? Read on for some sound advice about avoiding bad habits.

Golf Club Fitting Introduction

If you want to become an effective and successful golf player, there are certain requirements that should be kept in mind. First of all player’s skill plays a significant role. Secondly you should have quality golf equipments that can better serve you while playing. Before purchasing any equipment it is very important to consider that the equipment suits to your body type, strength and speed. It is very essential to have proper fitting. You should always try to contact any professional in this regard who can better train you.

A Golf Stretch You Can Do at Work to Improve Your Golf Game

A lot of us don’t properly stretch because we claim we don’t have the time. What I’m going to show you is a routine that beats this, because it takes no more than 10 minutes, and you can do it sitting in your chair — the chair you are in right now, in fact. You can even do it while reading emails or talking on the phone. And best of all, it exercises muscles that are not only important for golf, but will improve the way you feel right now.

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