Tom Izzo on playing with Tiger Woods, coaching Draymond Green, and his thoughts on the NIL policy

The Root Cause of Golf Swing Slice Problem – How Do We Overcome It?

Are you looking for ways on how to cure a slice golf swing problem? The first thing you need to do is to understand the right golf swing technique and apply it to your golf game.

Your Guide to Golf Putting

The majority of recreational golfers do not focus enough on their putting skills until the time comes for a round of golf. Yes, it’s good to practice on your full golf swing, but you can’t avoid putting during the real game. You should allocate at least one half of the time you practice on putting.

Golf Course Review Gives Heads Up About Expected Play

In order to properly visualize the expectations in a new golf course, enthusiasts are encouraged to read the golfing reviews. We will discuss some of the elements the golfer needs to consider when reading the reviews in order that they will have a better expectation.

Driver Distance – Five Tips on How to Hit a Draw For Duffers

Discover the secret to adding twenty more yards to your drives and extra length to every other club in your bag. Golfers know that more distance means lower scores. You’ll get those extra yards on every shot with the tips you’ll pick up here.

Pebble Beach Golf Course – Use the Right Clubs to Avoid the Pebble Beach Homes

The Pebble Beach Golf Course is renowned for being one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. It is also known as one of the most expensive, with green fees hitting hard at a hefty $495 a round with an additional $35 cart fee for non-resort guests. When golfers have to spend this much dough to play the Pebble Beach Golf Course, it is important to choose golf clubs that help make one’s golfing experience positive and memorable…

How to Play Your Left Handed Golf Wedges by the Rules

Specialty clubs which are designed to gain great loft but not distance is known as wedges, and this can be a right or left handed golf wedges. Wedges were born due to the necessity of a club that could increase accuracy at short distances and to cope with the pitfalls which are dotted around the green such as the bunker or a hill.

Right and Left Handed Golf Putters – An Overview

Right and left handed golf putters come in different design, styles and colors, and golf savvies find time to develop the sports which is most loved in US today. Putters have been very attractive and that is why more people are buying them, not just for playing golf, but also for it to be used as home decors.

The Physics of a Golf Swing – Golf Swing Essentials

Golf is a game that requires a lot of focus and skill. You cannot just swing the club and guess where it would go. Your body is your own equipment and the golf club is an extension of that mechanism. One of the most essential tasks when doing your golf practice is to understand the physics of a golf swing. This is the key element in making sure that you have a good game and it just looks good when you have a good stance and swing. As a beginner, you can follow these simple steps in…

Left Handed Hybrid Golf Clubs – Which Type of Clubs Do You Need to Consider?

Buying your very own right or left handed hybrid golf clubs can be very exciting, especially if you have been playing with someone else’s set or a hand-me-down club for a long period of time. If you have not played golf before and you want to buy your own set, there are a few things you may need to consider when it comes to equipment for beginners versus a more experience player.

Left Handed Golf Woods – Recommended Golf Clubs For Beginners

If you are still a beginner when it comes to the game of golf, then a right or left handed golf woods suits you best, as it is considered as the best club for beginners. Different materials are being used when manufacturing golf clubs including iron and hybrid of wood and iron, however, clubs made of wood are lighter and easier to handle.

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