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Golf – Don’t Hit the Ball So Hard

You may think that golf is all about hitting the ball as hard as you can but this isn’t necessarily the case. Power is useful but only if it comes naturally. Stance, accuracy and your choice of golf clubs is far more important.

Turn Your Amateurish Golf Swing Into a Top Class Pro Act

In this article I shall concentrate on passing on a few very handy golfing tips to improve your swing. You must make use of a proper weight shift if you desire maximum consistency and distance. There is a pole planted into the ground and the ball is resting on it at its address. Now you have to place your left shoulder just behind the ball without even a slight sway of the hips.

Golf Swing Thoughts – When They Help, How to Use Them and When to Leave Them in the Car

Have you ever had a terrible front nine and then just stopped caring on the 10th? All of a sudden you start playing better and end up with a great back nine because you stopped tying to make it all happen and just handed it over to your instinctive mind to control. You stopped worrying and just hit it. Have you ever had a great front nine and then on the back nine really tied not to blow your score and ended up completely ruining your round? You blew the back nine because you took over and “tried” instead of continuing to trust your (unconscious) brain and body to do it for you.

Golf Course Restoration and Golf Course Remodeling – Key Considerations

Golf course restoration and golf course remodeling often require a comprehensive master plan that will bring a cohesive design style and character to the course. Whether or not a club is contemplating the decision to undertake a sympathetic golf course restoration or an all encompassing renovation, it is important to consult with a qualified golf course architect in order to get an unbiased evaluation of the course’s strengths and weakness as well as a comprehensive and unified approach to the improvements.

Golf Playing Fundamentals – The Mental Game of Golf Laws – 4 of 16 – Emotional Self Control

Remember this the next time something goes wrong and you are unhappy, cross, plain spitting mad, humiliated or even fearful about the consequences of a bad shot. That shot is in the past and the great thing about the past is? It’s in the past, it is history! The past does not have to negatively affect your future by messing up your next shot, unless you let it!

Education For a Professional Golf Career

This article discusses the role of golf education in finding a professional golf career. With so many courses around the country, achieving such a career is as easy as going back to school.

Do You Want to Know How to Play Golf Better?

Are you one of the many people who want to know how to play golf better? Read on for more information today.

Golf Playing Fundamentals – The Mental Game of Golf Laws – 3 of 16 – Accept Failures and Move On

If you set yourself the goal of playing perfect golf then my advice is to quit golf because you are setting a goal that’s not achievable. If you want to play your best golf then you will have to learn to accept and handle mistakes around the golf course, every time you play, because it’s going to happen and that’s all there is to it. It’s how you handle your mistakes that will set you apart from the bulk of golfers or leave you wallowing with them in misery. It’s your choice.

Golf Advice You Can Count On!

“Most of us ask for advice when we know the answer but we want a different one,” said Ivern Ball. This is no more true than in the sport of golf. We ask for advice, we seek advice, yet we know what the truth really is. Face it, you aren’t going to be Tiger Woods and no piece of golf advice is going to change that.

How to Improve Your Putting Stroke

The best way to improve your putting stroke is through repetitious practice. Let’s be honest, if there was a quick fix (glove, club, stance, grip, etc) that could make everyone a great putter, you’d see every Pro on the PGA and LPGA tours using it. Also, wouldn’t every amateur golfer be lining up to qualify for the tour with their expert putting skills? Unfortunately, a good putting stroke is generated by not just practicing, but by practicing the same way every time.

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