Tiger’s swing at age SIX? 🧈

Three Ways to Drain More 15 Footers

What makes Tiger Woods so good? One thing is his “make-range” average. He has a wider make range than his opponents. Simply put, Tiger’s ADPM-average of the total distance of holed putts-is about six feet longer than the Tour average. That means Tiger sinks more putts on average from further away than the field-a decided advantage.

4 Hard Shots Simplified

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Dickens’ opening to A Tale of Two Cities sounds a lot like a typical round of golf for some players. They hit good shots and they hit bad ones. The bad ones often spell trouble.

More Legs, More Power

There’s no getting around it. Your legs impact your swing more than you realize. In fact, they impact it more than any other body part except your hands and feet. Unfortunately, golfers fail to realize this. Even good golfers fail to realize it.

Golf GPS Device Reviews – How to Choose the Best Golf GPS Device

Critical Golf provides an introduction to golf GPS devices. Are they legal? What are the pros and cons versus a laser rangefinder? How should a consumer evaluate a golf GPS device? Where can someone find comprehensive reviews of the devices?

Balance and the Golf Swing

Balance is one of those things that we pretty much take for granted. Not many of us think about it, nor practice it, even though it can keep us from seriously injuring ourselves and help us perform daily tasks better. How many times have you heard of someone – who was in pretty good shape – fall and break something, and was never really the same again? For this reason alone, balance is gaining more press these days, and should be practiced on a regular basis.

Functional Golf Training

Most sports that involve striking an object do so while the object is in motion. Unlike baseball, tennis, hockey, soccer, and the like, golf requires that contact be made with a stationary object. That may sound like a simpler task, but consider that productive contact relies upon the physical characteristics of the golfer along with the environment from which the shot is being made. In this regard, swinging a golf club is perhaps one of the tougher skills to perfect.

Ladies Golf Club Sets – Think Twice Before Purchasing

Not only men who love golfing and require golf club sets. Ladies also need ladies golf club sets when playing a game in a green field. Frequently improve, ladies golf clubs set are built with shorter grips and shafts. With golf clubs, including ladies gold club sets, you get what you pay for therefore you have to be sensible in choosing your ladies golf club set. Commonly, quality ladies golf club sets are expensive.

Five Steps to Choosing the Right Driver

Golf tips in sports magazine often say that your first shot is the most important on every hole. So do some PGA pros. While this idea is debatable, one thing is certain. Finding the fairway more often cuts your golf handicap down to size.

Why Don’t More Women Play Golf?

Only 1 out of 4 golfers are women. Doesn’t that mean that there are countless golf courses all over the country where hordes of single, attractive, passionate and entertaining guys are congregating. Further, if you started showing up, wouldn’t you have precious little competition?

Golf Swing Trainer – Take Your Game to the Next Level

Golf is a game which is enjoyed by both the leisure seekers and the exercise-lovers. It is amazing how the art of hitting a tiny ball across great distances into a tiny hole has captured the imagination of innumerable people. Golf aficionados swear by the game and will go to any length to improve their handicap and this where a golf swing trainer comes across as a sound investment.

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