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Online Golf Lessons That Save You Money

Online golf lessons are a remarkable alternative to the age-old “lesson from the pro”. Undoubtedly, the pro knows what he is doing, but a lot of golfers can’t take the negativity, the swing rebuilding, and most of us simply can’t afford the price of such fun.

Discover 7 Proper Golf Swing Techniques

So you want to blow away your golf buddies with your top-notch golf game. Well you gotta start with two key points for ripping your drives down the fairway.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Stop a Slice

Slicing the ball, if off the tee or out of the fairway, is a frustrating thing. You feel like you hit the ball well, but it goes nowhere near where you were aiming, and the harder you hit it, the further off it goes. If you want to improve your scoring, you have little choice but to correct whatever it is about your swing that is making this happen. Here are three tips to help correct your slice.

Gulf Cart Accessories For Everyone

It is important to know about golf cart accessories before deciding which items to buy. There are gulf cart accessories for everyone.

5 Tips to Improve Hitting a Golf Driver Off a Tee

Are you struggling hitting a golf driver off a tee? Are you scared to death each time you step up to the tee with your driver? This article is just for you, as its reveals 5 tips to help you improve hitting a golf driver off a tee which will result in producing a great drive.

Two Quick Practice Drills to Correct Your Golf Swing

To ensure you always complete the correct swing it is essential to practice regularly. There are a number of ways to practice, this can be out on the golf course if you play often, hitting shots at the driving range and also to complete some golf swing drills.

Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder Review

In a way, the name Range Finder doesn’t do the Golf Buddy Pro justice. It is so much more than a range finder. It actually gives you a monochrome picture of the green, along with distances to various parts of the green. So, the Golf Buddy Pro is not just a range finder. It’s a golf GPS, which is comparable to the Callaway uPro, Sonocaddie V300, and the Garmin Approach. Let’s take a look at a few of the Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder’s many features and compare them to its major competitors.

Taylor Made Burner Driver

The Burner is a Golf Driver with a large size sole which is larger than the crown. This is part of the Dual Crown technology. A delineated groove encircles the specially large head, separating the crown and the sole, giving the driver a singular look. The advantage is the reduction in weight. Also the Ultra Thin Wall Technology allows the club head walls to measure as little as.55 millimeters thick.

Why I’m a Golf Fan

Golf can be boring to watch at times, but the tension, pressure, and drama of the game make it one of the best spectator sports. Few other sports can match the excitement of a really good golf tournament.

Lower My Golf Score – Tips Used to Rebuild My Game

Are you overlooking this aspect of your game? Simply the best common sense tips. Never ask again How can I shoot better golf?

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