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How to Get More Clubhead Power With Your Golf Driver Swing

A basic golf driver swing requires the same technique as a normal swing. The only difference is the club. Different clubs but the same golf swing technique. To hit the ball straight with enough power for a good distance it is essential to keep yourself in shape. Not for the power but for flexibility.

You Might Be Planning a Golf Holiday, But Do You Know the History of the Beautiful Game?

If you are planning a golf holiday you will be looking forward to a relaxing break away and a chance to improve your game – but do you know anything about golf’s far-reaching history? If you are a keen golfer and planning a golf break, why not brush up on it’s origins to impress your friends as you make you way around the course.

Practice With Purpose – Ball Beating is Mindlessly Inefficient

The vast bulk of time spent at practice grounds and driving ranges and the piles of money spent on balls at these ranges is really a lot of valuable time and cash… DOWN THE DRAIN. The percentage of golfers actually using their practice time and money constructively is tiny. Fewer than 10% practice properly and this figure is probably pretty optimistic.

The Correct Golf Driver Swing to Better Your Power and Distance

To hit the ball straight and with a proper distance you have to implement power in your golf driver swing. Power and a good golf swing technique is essential if you want to better your distance. For a golf driver swing you need a different club but the movements are the same as by any other swing

A Golf Swing Training Aid That Really Can Help!

One of the first things that a new golfer starts shopping for after he has bought his clubs is a golf swing training aid. There a lot of them on the market and they all promise to create the perfect swing in no time at all. Go into any golf store and you will find an entire aisle of golf swing training aids.

Green Reading – The Art and Science of Getting Your Ball to Roll in the Hole

There is both an art and a science to reading greens. The art comes from trusting your instincts and the longer you play golf, the better they will get if you let them. Most golfers over analyse and out-think themselves into missed holes and 3 putts. There is some science that can be applied at the right time and place to aid your putting but you must know when to apply it and when to get out of your own way!

Staying in the Present – How to Stay in the Present and Perform Your Best

I have never played a game that I couldn’t win but it occasionally happens that time runs out and if you aren’t ahead when this occurs, then you have to accept where you are at, and allow your opponent to believe they won. The very best way that I know how to make sure you are ahead more often than not is to play when you are fully focussed in the present. When time stands still and you have no thought of past performance and no concern about the outcome of your present endeavors. It’s a great place to be and where peak performance comes from.

Visualise to Realise – You Are Far More Likely to Realise a Shot If You Imagine it First

If you are not visualising your shots, every time, before you play them then your game will suffer. You just will not play to your best unless you learn to visualise habitually and with as much belief and intensity as you can before allowing yourself to let go and swing. If you are one of those people who believes they can’t visualise, relax, you can still do an equally effective alternative.

Golf Swing Trainers – 3 Fundamentals to Improve Your Golf Game

The golf swing is a very delicate motion. If you try to force the golf swing, you’ll shank, hook, or just simply not hit the ball. To hit the golf ball correctly, there are 3 important fundamentals you must know before the understanding the technicality of a golf swing. Here at Golf Swing Trainers, you will learn to stop slicing, hooking, and bomb drives down the fairway.

Distance Control Golf Shots – How to Quickly and Easily Master Distance Control

Just how annoying is this? You make a great swing and watch your ball flying straight at the flag, your heart begins to quicken and your hopes raise as you stare with bated breath, willing it in, perhaps thinking or even saying out loud; “Be the club!” Then you watch stunned as it soars right over the top of the flag and pings off the back of the green into deep trouble…

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