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Golf Shot Visualizing – Some Steps to Incorporate For Maximizing Success

Visualization or imagining a good shot in your mind prior to actually playing it is a sure fire way to increase the quality and percentage of good shots around the golf course. This is just not debatable; Ask Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and every other top athlete in any sport.

Things You Should Know About Golf – How Can This Game Help You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Looking for a pastime that can serve as a weight loss exercise? The game of golf can help you lose weight without being too heavy as an exercise. If you think that it is just a relaxing game, think again. There are more benefits in golf than just winning a game.

Recession Proof Activities and Businesses

We are squarely in the middle of a recession yet many business sectors are still succeeding. When people get stressed they find ways to enjoy a good movie, go to the links and swing their golf clubs, share a conversation with those who matter the most and to take mini-vacations.

Play Target Golf – Learn From the Best on Tour

There is one object in golf. Get the ball in the HOLE in as little strokes as possible and yet I hear golfers time and time again talking about trying to get the ball close enough to the hole that they will have an easy putt. If your not trying to hole the ball then you are trying to avoid something you don’t want, like three putting. You can’t play great golf if you’re scared of screwing up!

Get a Hold of Yourself – Strong Versus Weak Grips – Control Versus Distance

Are you sure that what you have been told is a neutral grip position really is neutral for you? Are you built exactly like everyone else? How is it possible that one grip fits all when we have different physiology? What you really should learn is that there are a lot of common golf coaching beliefs out there that might be complete rubbish for your game.

Get a Hold of Yourself – Discover What Golf Grip is Correct For You

The importance of a good grip cannot be over emphasized. The hands are the only point of contact between body and club. It could be said that the mind must control the club in order to send the ball to the desired target and its main tool for manipulating the clubface at impact and the point of separation is the hands.

Step by Step Golf Swing – 3 Steps to Better Golf

A step by step swing guide can really improve your golf swing. You learn to focus on what really matters when you make your swing. Focus is only placed on a couple of key thoughts instead of countless tips. Keep it simple, relax and focus on these simple thoughts to get your golf swing back on track.

The Growing Popularity of Synthetic Lawn Putting Greens

The idea of not having to leave your home to get some valuable golf practice in would have been the stuff of dreams for many a weekend golfer in the past. These days it is an achievable goal with the backyard becoming the new training ground for golfers looking to improve their short game. There are a growing number of synthetic lawn putting greens being installed. As long as you have enough room for a reasonable sized green that will give you more than merely a couple of holes, such an installation should be well worthwhile.

Taking Your Game to the Next Level

It happens all the time. A weekend golfer decides to improve her game. Determined to trim her golf handicap, she dedicates herself to the effort. She focuses on a major swing flaw and works hard to correct it.

Saving Par Cuts Golf Handicaps

Not every PGA pro hits every green in regulation. But all are adept at saving par. Otherwise they wouldn’t be professionals. Weekend golfers, on the other hand, struggle to save par-and it costs them.

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