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Quick & Easy Tip To Fix A Slice With A Driver

Are you tired of reading about complicated ways to fix a slice in your golf swing? If so there is really one simple thing you must do to correct this swing fault. Learn how to quickly and easily fix a slice with a driver and start hitting the ball straight, long and more accurate!

Golf Putting Tips – Much Needed Putting Tips

There are various views on what is important to focus on when it comes to improving your putting. You might believe in using the right putter, a particular putting method or even a specific way of lining up your ball for the putt. Here are 3 much needed putting tips that I feel are the most important to focus on in order to become a better putter. Make a conscious effort to incorporate them in your next golf game and feel the difference in the way you approach your putts. Instead of worrying about whether the ball will stop near the hole, you are focused on doing the right things that can help you sink the putt.

Fitness for Golfers

Golf like many other sports requires a certain level of fitness if the game is to be played well. You need stamina, both physical and mental. The legs need to be strong to walk between shots which typically for a round of 18 holes would be in the region of 4 -5 miles.

Cleaning the Ryder Cup

Whilst golf is a game that is enjoyed by millions worldwide, it rarely reaches out of its comfort zone to attract the non-believers. Generally, golf is a sport which you either get or you don’t and there is no middle ground. That is, apart from every two years when Europe take on the USA in the Ryder Cup. Suddenly, everyone is a golf fan. We can talk knowledgeably about the scoring system. We can argue about the rights or wrongs of those picked as wild card players and we can revel in discussions about tactics, personalities and psychology. For a brief spell of three days golf is everything and we can’t get enough of it. Then like a dream it fades from our lives to rest unforgotten for another two years.

Ok PGA Pros, Do You Compare With The Legends of Golf?

I enjoy watching golf on television especially the majors but watching the tournaments with little history or importance isn’t all that exciting to me. Final rounds on Sundays are a little more exciting than the other days but I think the tour needs a shot in the arm with some different formats. One thing that may generate more viewer interest might be a tournament in which the old hickory shafted clubs would be used. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what the pros could do with these old clubs?

Correct Putter Position In Your Putting Setup

The position of your golf putter in your putting setup is another crucial element that you want to get right. If your putter is in the wrong position you will have all sorts of issues with your ball striking consistency, as it will have an impact on both your distance and direction control. So where is the correct putter position in your putting setup?

Importance Of Ball Position In Your Putting Setup

The position of your ball in you putting setup has a direct impact on the distance and direction the ball will travel in. Find out why striking the ball just after the lowest point of your putting stroke is the ideal position.

The Right Grip For Your Golf Putting Setup

The important factor to take into consideration when selecting a grip for your golf putting setup, is to choose the one which you are most comfortable with. There are so many putting grip styles to choose from, and they can all be effective in the right hands.

Can We Please Have A World Series of Golf?

Update: The FedEx Cup is over for this year with Jim Furyk the winner of the 10 million dollar first prize. Do to my lack of interest in the outcome I only watched a few minutes of day two and the last hour of the final round. I didn’t miss the excitement of Jim’s fist pump and hugging Fluff his caddy, the most emotion Furyk has expressed since procuring his drivers license.

5 Factors That Influence Club Head Speed

There are several factors that influence your golf driving distance, like centeredness of contact and angle of approach and without getting these elements right your distance off of the tee will suffer. However, the most important factor that will influence your golf driving distance is your club head speed!

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