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What Is Golf? And How It Appeared

Even nowadays, some people take golfing as a dilemma they cannot figure out and that is because they know very little about the origins of this sport. Very few of you might know that this sport was once a highly respected sport in most of the European countries and not only and that it was one of the hobbies of the political class. It all happened before World War Two.

Nuke Your Driver – 3 Simple Tips to 15 More Yards Down the Fairway

There’s nothing more satisfying than absolutely nuking your driver past your buddies, straight down the middle of the fairway. Well, how do you do that more often? Here’s 3 simple tips to help you consistently hit it longer and straighter every time off the tee, leaving your buddies in a jealous rage…

Greenside Bunker Shot Tips – 3 Simple Steps Teach You How to Hit a Proper Explosion Shot Every Time

Green side bunkers can be very frustrating when you don’t know how to hit the shot, or you maybe sometimes do, but don’t know how you did it! When done correctly, green side bunker shots become easy. You don’t even need to hit the ball most of the time. Follow these simple steps…

Why I Don’t Believe in ‘Personality Typing’ For Golfers

Recently I’ve become aware of coach’s in the golf psychology realm using ‘Personality Typing’ for Golfers. That is, they provide you with a series of questions designed to test your so-called ‘Golf Type’. In my opinion, not only is this NOT useful, it actually limits the golfer’s potential to improve.

3 Simple Ways to Make More Birdies Next Round

A good indication of how your game is progressing is by how many birdies per round you are making. Making 5 birdies along with 5 doubles is still a good round, because the potential is there. Here are 3 simple ways to make more birdies each and every round and get you closer to shooting the low round of your life…

Golf – Quick Improvement the Easy Way

No matter what your usual score is, you can improve it in a matter of weeks. I mean that. You’ll be able to count on your best shot coming out each time you swing, getting those short shots on the green the first time, and getting the ball into the hole in two putts. It just takes a little practice, and all of it can be done at home.

Playing Golf In Wet Weather

Rain doesn’t stop some people from going out to play. Unless it’s a full-blown gale, it shouldn’t stop you either. You can play good golf in the rain and on a wet course if you know how what adjustments to make.

Comparing Different Types of Golf Irons

The most important clubs in golf would inarguably be iron clubs. Since no golfer is alike, irons would most likely be the default club that any golfer can easily use and still excel with in their game.

Top 3 Tips to Crush Your Driver Next Round

Of course you want to crush the driver further, we all do. But there are so many tips, tricks and devices out there that just confuse the issue. You don’t need to take a hula-hoop device out on the range, strap your arms together and swing with an expensive training club. Here are 3 simple tips that have always worked to help increase distance off the tee throughout the years.

Yoga Postures For Golf – 3 Simple Moves to Add 10 to 15 Yards Off the Tee

Yoga and golf go hand in hand, because yoga helps with flexibility and more range of motion automatically gives you increased distance off the tee. Here are 3 simple yoga moves you can do to add 10 to 15 yards off the tee consistently.

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