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Play the Best Courses in Myrtle Beach for Less Than You Think

Playing golf in the winter can be tough especially if you live in the North East. I can remember going out on Thanksgiving Day in RI and it was 38 degrees. The ground was as hard as a rock but we wanted to try it.

An Impactful Role Of The SkyCaddie

Any avid golfer would know that there are some tools and equipment that are not only necessary in their game of golf but critical to enhance their performance. One such tool is the skycaddie which is a golf GPS rangefinder.

Greater Offerings Of The Skycaddie SG5

A true golfer would always be on the lookout for the best and latest tool to assist in a better game with a higher score. One of these tools that are growing rapidly popular is the skycaddie SG5 which is able to perform much more than its size would suggest.

How the Wrists Release in the Golf Swing

The wrist release is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing when it comes to making contact with the ball properly. When you think about the fact that the golfer has to swing the golf club around the body and bring the club back to the precise spot it left, it’s amazing that anyone can even make contact with the ball let alone hit the ball properly. The shoulder turn and the movement of the lower body provide the power to the golf swing, but it is the wrists that place the clubface directly on the ball at the proper angle. The only way that this can happen is if the golfer releases the wrists properly and the same way each time the golf swing is performed.

Advice for Improving the Backswing While on the Golf Course

One certainty in the golf long game is that you cannot consistently hit a golf ball without a good, consistent backswing. And the principles that have evolved with the backswing in the last 75 years have been dramatic. But the recent increase in distance in accuracy, while often being attributed to better golf equipment, perhaps more credit should be given to the greater efficiency that professional golfers have with their backswing technique.

Performance Dips (Slump)

When an experienced golfer slips in the quality of his performance what has changed? That’s a great question that without a lot of data has no simple specific answer. We know his results are poorer, than in the past, unless his competition has gotten better.

Golf Bags – Choosing the Correct Bag

The game of golf is one of the most popular leisure activities. Simply put, golf is really a game played using various golfing clubs on a customized golf course consisting of either 9 or 18 holes. A golf player begins from a teeing area and by having a swing or numerous swings puts the golf ball in to the hole.

Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts Are Flipping Out Over Disc Golf

The varieties of outdoor sports are plentiful. I recently was introduced to an interesting twist on the age old sport of Golf. This, to my surprise, is not a new game at all. But it is soaring in popularity among all ages, including the younger generation. I got an education and have become a Disc Golf enthusiast.

Golfers – Think About Layering Your Clothing To Keep Warm

Golf clothing today is lighter, more stylish and needs to be considered as an integrated system. In the past we tended to think in terms of shirts, pullovers and waterproofs as separates. Now we should think of them as layers that create the flexibility needed to cope with our climate’s mood swings!

Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Most golfers, both amateurs and professionals, are continuously looking for ways to improve their golf swing. The position of hands and forearms during the impact is considered to be important in doing the golf swing. Some golf professionals have employed and still continue to use several techniques to enhance their golf swings. There are different instructional materials that would help you improve your skills. There are also videos available online to serve as guide. If you are really serious to improve your golf skills, there are golf schools that would help you with your goal. However, this article aims to give several things that you must remember and take note in order to know the basic skills in improving your golf swing before you go to attend the actual training.

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