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What Types of Golf Putting Aids Are Available

Golf putting aids come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and range in price from under ten pounds up to several hundred pounds. The types of golf gadgets which can help you with your putting skills range from tools which keep your forearms the correct distance apart and in position as you take your shot and gadgets which rely on lasers assist alignment skills to tools which are laid on the ground to help you improve your aim.

Best Golf Exercises, Discover The Secrets To Being A Golf Superhero

To be at our best we must prepare. That means understanding our sport and getting our body ready to play the round of our life! Be prepared to discover the secret of how easy that is to do….

Golf Chipping Tips That Will Change Your Game

If you want to make yourself feel good about your golf game, get two buckets of balls and head to the driving range. If you want to knock strokes off your score and keep them off, break out eight balls and head to the putting green. It may not look sexy to get the ball in the hole consistently in two shots from anywhere around the green, but when you master these golf chipping tips your score will go down.

How to Go About Getting a Scholarship to Play Golf

Does you child dream of a career in golf? Has he or she watched Tiger Woods and other golf stars for years and dreamed of achieving his fame? If your child has talent and wants to move forward in this sport, you may wish to look into a Golf Scholarship. Although money is very tight in many areas, scholarships are still being given out and you can take advantage of this. Your child will have to go through a screening process to be accepted, but once he or she is, their skills will improve immensely from the help they receive. Give it a try today.

Nutrition for Golf Strength

The importance of strength for golf if you are unaware is vast. We utilize up to 90% of our muscles maximum output when performing a drive shot. We need strength in our physiques to do this. Now golf strength is different from power lifter or bodybuilder strength, but we still need power and muscle building training to develop this. An important element of golf strength is proving the correct fuel to develop it.

Golf Scholarships for Girls – What You Need to Know

The sport of golf has been stagnant for the past few years unless you are talking about women playing golf. Girls’ golf is expanding at a rapid rate and scouts have started to take notice. If your daughter love to play golf and dreams of doing this for a living, she should start looking for a Golf Scholarship.

Golf Strength for Longer Drives and Lower Scores

To improve your golf game, have you considered the value of boosting your golf strength? Yes, technique is important. It will also help to maximize the efficiency of your golf game. However, you should never underestimate the importance of strength.

Six Spooky Tales From Haunted Golf Courses!

Have you ever had that eerie feeling like you are being watched while you are lining up your putt on the golf course? Has your wayward shot disappeared into the trees, only to end up strangely reappearing on the putting green? Sometimes too many odd phenomena occur on the golf course to explain.

Bunker Play – 5 Tips to Help You Get Out of the Sand

Hitting your golf shot in to the sand is something every golf player has to deal with, and for the average golfer can quickly become a nightmare and ruin your round. But with the correct knowledge and technique getting out of the bunker can quickly become a simple and less complicated task. By following these 5 easy to follow bunker play tips you will be hitting your golf shot out of the sand like a pro in no time.

Kabul, Afghanistan, Where Golf Greens Are Black and the Sand Traps Have Bombs!

A golf course in Kabul? There may be stranger ideas, but this is one whose time has come. This Hot Zone recreation destination is not your father’s golf course.

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