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The Secret to Improving Your Golf Swing is in Your Hands!

Golf swing training starts with you. Your physical and mental state have a lot to do with your game. There are several fundamental ways to improve you swing prior to holding a golf club. Strength and flexibility play a huge role in how your golf swing will perform. So to improve your golf swing let us examine some of the key areas that can help your golf swing training before you move on to all the other training aids.

The Bump and Run Chip Shot in Golf

Learn how to do this relatively easy chip shot to help lower your golf scores. Come learn how to bump and run your golf ball.

The Open Championship – Old Tom Morris and “Tommy”

After its first few years, The Open took on its own identity. The public looked forward to it as they do nowadays and the press started to take it very seriously and began to give it great publicity. Much of this happened as a result of the first golfing household names coming to the fore- Old and Young Tom Morris.

Junior Golf Club Set

Kids like to be like their parents. When they’re young they even pretend that they are us when they are playing make believe. They will go “off to work” like Dad, or create a “special dessert” like Mom. And they always like to have you involved in their play. If you golf, your children will want to golf as well. What a great way to spend time together!

How to Find the Best Golf Grip Tips? The Top 3 Grips You Can Start Using Now to Play Better Golf!

There are three main ways to grip a golf club and the following golf grip tips will give you an insight into which one is best for you. They are the interlocking, overlapping and the baseball grip.

Why You Should Warm Up For Golf With Your Driver (And Save 2-3 Shots Per Round!)

Warming up with your Driver first, rather than with short irons, can save you 2-3 shots per round. It will help you establish better rhythm and timing, you’ll move more freely, and you’ll learn a more disciplined swing with the club that is most often associated with high tension and swinging too fast. Start with taller posture, feel a good weight transfer with tension-free body movement, and focus primarily on developing a waltz-like, 1-2-3 rhythmic swing.

Lessons in Golf – Learn About the Alternatives

There are more than a few problems with lessons in golf. The obvious is that they are expensive – very expensive. Even if you are just taking a group lesson at a community college, you are paying a lot of money for someone to watch you and make a few comments.

How to Eliminate Your Golf Hook? Proven Methods to Cure Your Golf Hook and Straighten Your Shots!

To prevent yourself from hitting a bad golf hook, you need to make sure that your legs are turning correctly into and right through the downswing. Right at impact with the golf ball, if you check your belt buckle it should be pointing right at the target or very similar to it. As well as this your weight should have almost entirely transferred onto your left side.

How to Build a Putting Green

Making your own green is a rewarding experience since it will allow you to enjoy the sport of golf in your own residence. If you are not sure on how to proceed, you can ask a golf green expert about it.

Golf Swing Lessons Can Help Your Game

If you are trying to get your golf game together, you may think about putting out a few bucks on a golf swing lesson. Although this is can be helpful, sometimes it actually works in the reverse. What could be and should be a helpful hour spent with a pro turns into a devastating, humiliating, and expensive exercise in futility.

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