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Tips For Picking the Right Golf Driver For Your Game

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is the idea that you can shave off a few unneeded strokes, but you don’t know how. Sometimes, you can take a look at your driver; the driver is crucial in setting up each hole. Here are some tips for picking the right golf driver for your game.

Are You in Search of the Best Putting Technique?

Golfers around the world use so many different techniques for putting. In fact, there are several tactics that golfers swear by during putting, and for some, these tricks work like magic. But for both amateur and pro golfers, putting is often a very difficult process indeed.

Golf Playing Fundamentals – The Mental Game of Golf Laws – 2 of 16 – Adversity Toughened

Adversity in your life and on the golf course will either make you stronger or make you weaker and it’s not fate that decides which way you go but the perception you have of adversity and challenge and the resulting attitude you develop. Get the right perception of adversity, develop the right attitudes and then you will be strengthened by challenges no matter how costly they may seem.

How to Improve Your Golf Game

If you are just beginning or have played 20-30 rounds you most likely play the same course . You get comfortable and possibly feel a little intimidated whenever you think about playing a new and different course. But the truth is, there is an advantage to playing the same course when just starting out.. It helps to get friendly with some other regulars there, because there’s usually always someone that doesn’t mind being asked for a little advice.

Golf Playing Fundamentals – The Mental Game of Golf Laws – 1 of 16 – “Love the Challenge”

What good does it do you to groove a good swing but hate challenging shots that call for manipulation, creativity and mental toughness? The golfer who bemoans a tough lie and is fearful of the result will invariably fail. The one thing that is absolutely certain is that you will get challenging situations in golf because that’s part of the game, so if you don’t handle them properly they will make a mockery of all your good efforts and lay waste to your scorecard.

Lower Your Golf Handicap Fast – Improve 5 Strokes With These 3 Tips!

Do you want to learn how to lower your golf handicap fast? As we all know golf is a very fun game, but can really be tense when you are not playing well. Here I am going to show you three ways that you can improve your swing fast and start playing better golf today!

Improve Your Golf Putting

If you’re a golfer who consistently shoots over 100, and are looking to break through, chances are the only thing that is stopping you is that you need to improve your putting. Forget about spending more time t the driving range, putting improvement should be at the top of your “to do” list. How many times are PGA Tour events and Major Championships won, and lost, on the green.

Ways You Practice Putting Can Put Your Golf Putting Stroke Into Your Bag of Good Golf Habits

One way to pinpoint your problem putting areas when keeping track is to also note the distances you are putting from. Estimating this is okay as well if you are playing with a fast group. Simply pace off the distance in steps and write this on you card or tracking sheet. If you are 3-putting or higher from 40-feet consistently, there are specific things to work on. However, if you are 3-putting or higher from inside 15-feet, your putting stroke is not consistent. This is the first area to focus on in your practice putting efforts.

How to Master the Golf Short Game? Proven Short Game Secrets Used by the Pros to Play Better Golf!

Valuable information and tips on how to master the golf short game and improve your golf score. The article covers physical as well as mental instructions to help you succeed.

How EFT For Golf Can Improve Your Game and Change Your Life!

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a cutting edge energy psychology tool that is quickly gaining recognition among peak performance trainers and coaches. It is a technique which involves tapping on various acupressure points on your face and body to help you relax and achieve a mental state more conducive to a successful game of golf.

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