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Golf Tips For Shaping Your Golf Shots

There’s nothing like being able to hit the golf shot you need. Learning to maneuver the golf ball through the air in different ways is definitely an advanced technique but, it isn’t rocket science. There are two main contributing factors that dictate the flight of the ball: the alignment of the clubface at impact and the path of the golf swing into and through impact.

Golf Tips For The Basic Golf Grips

Golf for beginners can be a tough challenge so let’s get to the basics. The first skill that a beginner should learn is the golf grip or how to hold a golf club. Most beginners overlook the grip because they do not understand it’s importance. Your grip has to be good because a player’s only contact with the club is through their hands. The grip can be a dead giveaway of a person’s knowledge of the game of golf and often their ability to play.

Golf Tips On Golf Exercises For Strength And Flexibility

We are going to go over some golfing exercises that every golfer should do. These golf tips are essential for any golfer to not only play better golf but, to keep from injuring yourself. What I have seen over and over again is players are physically incapable of achieving certain positions in the golf swing-most notably a complete backswing-for the simple reason that they don’t have the necessary flexibility or suppleness to achieve a full turn.

Golf Putting Tips That Work

Golf putting tips can vary depending on who you’re asking, but we will cover some basic golfing tips that will benefit all golfers. First, let me say that putting is very personable and will vary with each player. The type of stance or style of stroke you use, as well as the putter you use, is completely up to you.

Golf Tips On Choosing Your Golf Equipment

I have been asked about this particular subject recently by several people so, here we go with some golf tips on choosing your golf equipment. Golf has changed a lot in the last 100 years or so, but the biggest change is in the equipment.

Golf Tips On Calculating Your Golf Handicap

What is a golf handicap or a USGA handicap? The United States Golf Association constructed the handicap system to level the playing field for everyone. The USGA has an esoteric system of course rating and something called slope to help them compute exactly how many strokes everyone should get.

Can Tiger Woods Win Again?

Tiger Woods is without a doubt one of the best golfers, if not the best golfer of our time. Tiger, in his heyday, was all but unstoppable. From his early amateur days to his beginning in the PGA. We have watched him go from a young college kid to an iconic professional golfer, but, as we all know, nothing lasts forever.

Electrifying Ending for K.J. Choi at the 2011 Players Championship

Today’s final round at the 2011 Players Championship came to a close with an electrifying ending. Coming down the stretch, it was shaping up to be a three-way dance between K.J. Choi, David Toms, and Graeme McDowell.

Shave Strokes Off Your Game With the Hybrid Rangefinder!

Golfers have been using golf rangefinders to improve their game for over a decade now and they do seem to have their benefits. Instead of a mere estimation of the distance of the pin they can calculate accurately where and how far it is. It’s really convenient because it tells you exactly how much swing to put into the shot and which club to choose. Another commonly used product is the GPS, which tells you exactly where you are on the course and how you should manage your strokes to lower your score. And it is particularly convenient under situations, for instance, a blind shot. Because in that case a laser range finder cannot work.

Benefits of The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder

Where do you start when you consider the benefits of the Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder? What makes the Tour V2 a must have addition to your golf bag? For starters consider the importance of knowing the distance from where your ball is lying to the flag. Would an incorrect guess of 10 yards less make the difference between landing safely on the green or splashing into the water hazard? With a scan mode and Pinseeker technology the Tour V2 is a step above most golf range finders you will see on the market.

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