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Nine Holes, Nine Planets: Astrology for Par

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2nd tee yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, and my compatriots and I were sharing a foursome of Partagas #10’s, on our way down the course, and my phone chimed a web alert: My horoscope was in. It’s generally poor etiquette to pull out the cell phone on the links, but what the hell, right?

Hybrid Clubs – Fad or Future of Golf

What is the most difficult golf club in your set to hit? Why is this club especially difficult for seniors, women and youth to hit consistently well? What should you do to replace this club in your golf bag?

Golf Fitness Training Enhances Power And Distance

All golfers, 100% of them want more distance. Line up 100 golfers and they will all raise their hands when asked if they want to hit longer golf drives. That’s where golf fitness training comes in. I know the golfing community is in denial. They don’t want to realize that it’s their body keeping them from a better game. But it’s a reality, especially for the older golfer. The senior golf population has diminished physical capacity. They have lost a tremendous amount of both strength and flexibility.

Better Have Good Socks For Those 18 Meetings

Growing up did you ever ask your Dad how work went and he replied by saying he had a rough 18 meetings? When I was very young I took that pretty literal, but now I understand what he truly meant by that. Yup, those 18 meetings had nothing to do with work, but with the great game of golf.

How to Select a Set of Ladies Golf Clubs

If you are a lady golfer you will more than likely have already found that your choice is very limits when you are trying to purchase your golf clubs. This is really not the best situation when you are trying to buy a complete set of golf clubs for yourself. You will find that you need a set which fits you perfectly and is also comfortable and easy to use.

Choosing the Best Golf Accessories

Golf accessories is a very broad term that encompasses many different types of golf equipment and apparel. The best-known golf accessories are bags, shoes and apparel, and those items have their own categories highlighted below.

Some Points on How to Choose Your Driver

Most golfers want to start their game in an impressive manner and this usually means taking a driver on the first shot and definitely on most par fours and fives. This is to ensure that they get as far down the fairway as they can.

Selecting the Best Golf Shoes

When it comes to choosing golf shoes the decision is a very personal choice. The golfer needs to be specific about his selection. Questions about the weather he plays in and the style he likes the look of should be asked. He should also make sure that the shoes are a comfortable fit as he

Best Way To Lower Your Golf Score

What shot consumes the most strokes in your golf game? What is the best way to drop the maximum number of strokes from your score? How much money in lessons and drills is this going to cost me?

Etiquette of Golf for the Golf Game

We talk so much on your golf swing and additional mechanics, and sometimes don’t give enough thought to golf etiquette, which are in truth golf basics everybody should be acquainted with and respect. The golf game, to be sure, has a lot more than its share of rules and regulations, and a lot of the etiquette of golf that participants playing the golf game are expected to know are taught simply by custom and observing the proper way to conduct themselves. Consequently with that in mind, let’s go through a little checklist on etiquette of golf basics.

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